Driver Ed

Department Head: Mike Haussmann

Department Phone: (630) 530-3410

Willowbrook - Driver Education Classroom

The Driver Education process begins with the Guidance department scheduling Driver Education classroom. Most students take this class during their sophomore year. Some students, based upon their date of birth, are scheduled during second semester of their freshman year.

  • When a student begins Driver Education classroom, they will also begin the permit process. This process takes place during class and will make it unnecessary for the student to go to the DMV in order to obtain their permit. In the first few weeks of class, the student will take their permit test and their vision screening. Once these two tests are successfully completed, students will be given their permit application. The application needs to be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to class with a $20 check or money order (no cash) made payable to the Secretary of State for the permit fee. The instructor will take the completed applications to the DMV and distribute the permits to the students once they are processed.

  • Once a student has their permit, they are able to practice driving with a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian must be over the age of 21 and have had a valid license for at least one year. Students do NOT need to wait until their Behind the Wheel lessons to start driving. Practicing driving before beginning Behind the Wheel instruction helps students become more comfortable with driving. A student must log 50 hours of driving practice (10 of them at night) as a criteria for obtaining a driver’s license. This practice must be completed with a parent or guardian over the age of 21 who has had a valid license for at least one year.



Questions: E-mail Mike Haussmann at or call (630) 530-3412.