Library Media Center

Director: Rose Janusz

Willowbrook Library Media Center

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Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Pam Bradford photo
Pam Bradford
Library Aide
(630) 530-3413 Contact Pam Bradford
Staff member Kim Jackson-Petrella photo
Kim Jackson-Petrella
Library Aide
(630) 530-3413 Contact Kim Jackson-Petrella
Staff member Rose  Janusz photo
Rose Janusz
Department Head
(630) 628-2611 View Rose  Janusz schedule Contact Rose  Janusz
Staff member Gina Mucha photo
Gina Mucha
Department Secretary
(630) 530-3412 Contact Gina Mucha
Staff member Beata Zawojska photo
Beata Zawojska
Library Aide
(630) 530-3413 Contact Beata Zawojska