Mathematics Department

Department Head: Brian Chelmecki

Willowbrook Mathematics Department

Mission Statement:

The Mathematics Department’s mission is to develop problem solvers that persevere, reason mathematically, attend to precision, and effectively communicate mathematics.

2021 Summer Work:  Below is a list of classes that require summer work to be completed by the 1st day of the 2021-2022 school year.  Click your class below to access the Summer Packet in pdf form.

Link to All 2021 Summer Work: Please click the link below to access all mathematics summer packets.

Recommended Calculator By Course:  The following link shows the recommended calculator for each course at Willowbrook High School.

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Ryan Bazon
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Steve Bridges
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Jennifer Burns
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Brian Chelmecki
Math Department Head
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Andria Coletta
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Edgar Dorado
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Elizabeth Hutchinson
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Anna Lu
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Julie Rasso
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Amanda Rohlfing
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Carrie Skala
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Gary Strzelczyk
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Trudy Sulita
Department Secretary
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Ed Sullivan
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Azahara Tello
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Neil Wahlgren
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Elizabeth Zwart
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Josh Zwart
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