Physical Education Department

Department Head: Mike Haussmann

Department Phone: (630) 530-3410

Willowbrook Physical Education Department

The Physical Education Department is committed to providing an extensive curriculum in Physical Education, Health Education and Driver's Education. Students will be provided the opportunity to participate in daily activities for their long-term development and improvement in a variety of health-related areas.

  • Physical Education is a lifelong process, which is the primary responsibility of the student, the home, the district and the community.
  • We believe Physical Education and daily activity will improve student engagement in the classroom, help motivate students academically and activate all parts of the brain.
Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Steven Belknap photo
Steven Belknap
(630) 782-3046 View Steven Belknap schedule Contact Steven Belknap
Staff member Eduardo Delacruz photo
Eduardo Delacruz
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Grace DeSmedt
Contact Grace  DeSmedt
Staff member Julie Foster photo
Julie Foster
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Staff member Anthony Gebhart photo
Anthony Gebhart
(630) 458-4511 View Anthony Gebhart schedule Contact Anthony Gebhart
Staff member Mike Haussmann photo
Mike Haussmann
Department Head
(630) 530-3410 View Mike Haussmann schedule Contact Mike Haussmann
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Rachel Karos
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Staff member Benjamin Maher photo
Benjamin Maher
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Staff member Megan Murphy photo
Megan Murphy
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Staff member Richard Ortiz photo
Richard Ortiz
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Amy Stark
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Clyde Ware
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