Mental health and social-emotional supports/resources

At District 88, the safety, health and well-being of students and staff is our No. 1 priority. We know building relationships precedes learning, and we continue to focus on connecting with all students. For students to achieve academically, we must first meet their needs outside of the classroom – including providing mental health and social-emotional assistance.

Read about available mental health and social-emotional supports/services below.


Mental Health First Aid program

District 88 is implementing Youth Mental Health First Aid and teen Mental Health First Aid through generous funding provided by the DuPage County Health Department HOPE Taskforce.

Youth Mental Health First Aid focuses on helping adults identify common signs and symptoms of mental health challenges and substance-use challenges in youth. It also covers how to interact with a child or an adolescent in crisis.

Teen Mental Health First Aid teaches high school students how to identify, understand and help themselves and their friends with mental health and substance use concerns and how to get the help of an adult. About 1,000 sophomores will attend this program.

Elyssa’s Mission SOS Signs of Suicide program

Elyssa’s Mission SOS Signs of Suicide program teaches students and staff how to recognize the signs of suicide using the ACT technique, which stands for Acknowledge, Care and Tell. 

SOS educates students on how to identify signs of depression and suicide in themselves and their peers, while training school professionals, parents and community members to recognize at-risk students and take appropriate action. The program seeks to teach youth that depression is a treatable illness, empower them to respond to a potential suicide (themselves, a friend or a family member) and help prevent teen suicide. 

PBIS program

The Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program was implemented in fall 2007 to teach students expected behaviors, rules and what it means to be an Addison Trail Blazer and a Willowbrook Warrior. The goal of the program is to develop a positive school climate through creating common language and standards.

Throughout the school year, students are recognized by staff for showing “Blazer Pride” and “Living the Warrior Code.” Frequent reminders are shared with students (including assemblies), and an end-of-year barbeque takes place to celebrate successes.

DuPage 88 CARES

In cooperation with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the DuPage Regional Office of Education (ROE), District 88 has been awarded grant funds to improve our students’ access to quality mental health services throughout the community with the DuPage 88 CARES (Community, Advocacy, Resilience, Engagement and Support) program. Our staff will prioritize this support for students who are low income and/or do not have adequate coverage to access mental health support.

For more information on how to access this program:


Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) staff

The PPS teams at Addison Trail and Willowbrook consist of school counselors, social workers, psychologists, deans and nurses. For details, including how to request assistance, CLICK HERE.

Student groups

Student groups provide cohesiveness and an environment where students feel safe and can discuss the issues they are facing. A variety of topics are offered each year, including grief/loss, social skills, anger management and anxiety. For more information, contact the Addison Trail School Counseling Department at 630-628-3318 or the Willowbrook School Counseling Department at 630-530-3419.


In 2020, District 88 formed a team to concentrate on the social-emotional well-being of students and staff. The purpose of the CARE (Committed to Academics, Resiliency and Equity) Team is to implement intentional social-emotional supports, using inclusive, culturally responsive, restorative and trauma-informed practices.



This is a free, web-based service that assists students, staff and community members in finding local treatment for mental health and substance use needs. Along with a searchable database, ReferralGPS provides appointment setting, follow-up care and help for families in triage. The program accepts a variety of private and public insurance and also is available to those who are uninsured or underinsured. Information entered into the system is confidential and securely stored. To access counseling-related services through ReferralGPS, contact the Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) staff at Addison Trail or Willowbrook, or go to

NEDFYS partnership

District 88 partners with Northeast DuPage Family and Youth Services (NEDFYS) to provide supplemental counseling services for students, which take place at the school buildings.

Pupils meet individually and/or in groups, depending on the need of each student.

Serenity House partnership

District 88 partners with Serenity House, an alcohol and drug substance-abuse treatment center, to provide counseling services for students (which take place at the school buildings).

Pupils meet individually and/or in groups, depending on the need of each student.



District 88 is one of 10 DuPage County school districts, along with the DuPage Regional Office of Education, to be awarded grant funding from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) specific to mental health supports and telehealth treatment needs. In October, we received $249,000 through this CARES (Community Advocacy, Resilience, Engagement and Supports) grant.

District 88 has been awarded a postvention suicide resources grant from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) in the amount of $121,041. This grant is specific to working with area schools, community centers and mental health outreach facilities to provide post-suicide resources, materials and support. The grant also encompasses preventive materials and resources.

Emergency hotlines

Addison Trail Emergency Hotline:

Willowbrook Emergency Hotline:

External resources

For anyone experiencing difficult or suicidal thoughts, there are various resources available. CLICK HERE for details.

Senate Bill 1577

Senate Bill 1577 went into effect on Jan. 1, 2022.

According to the Illinois General Assembly website, “(The bill) amends the Compulsory Attendance Article of the School Code. With respect to the exceptions to the compulsory attendance requirement, (this bill) provides that absence for cause by illness shall include the mental or behavioral health of a student for up to 5 days for which the child need not provide a medical note, in which case the child shall be given the opportunity to make up any school work missed during the mental or behavioral health absence. After the second mental health day used, the child may be referred to the appropriate school support personnel.” CLICK HERE to read more. 

What constitutes a mental health day

  • A mental health day may be taken if a student experiences concerns such as anxiety, depression or somatic symptoms (headache, throwing up).

What doesn’t constitute a mental health day

  • Mental health days are not to be taken as a result of stress caused by a lack of work completion or test/presentation preparation.

  • Mental health days are not to be taken as a result of overscheduling (such as extracurricular activities or work hours).

  • Mental health days are not to be used as an extension of a holiday break or a vacation.

Sexual Abuse Response and Prevention Resource Guide

Whether you are a student, parent or guardian, or an educator, this resource guide was developed to help you know where to find help in the event sexual abuse is suspected, reported, and/or being investigated. CLICK HERE to read more.

Policy 5:120 Employee Ethics; Code of Professional Conduct; and Conflict of Interest
All District employees are expected to maintain high standards in their job performance, demonstrate integrity and honesty, be considerate and cooperative, and maintain professional and appropriate relationships with students, parents/guardians, staff members, and others. CLICK HERE to read more.