District 88 social media and communication guidelines

Social media guidelines
The purpose of DuPage High School District 88’s (Addison Trail High School and Willowbrook High School) social media accounts is to highlight district and school achievements, events and current news. They are intended to provide information to build relationships with District 88 stakeholders.

Therefore, District 88 expects comments posted on the district’s social media accounts to be relevant, respectful, factual and constructive. Civil, on-topic comments and questions from the public are welcome.

The guidelines below apply to all District 88 (Addison Trail High School and Willowbrook High School) social media accounts, which can be viewed below.


Please abide by the following guidelines when posting comments on our social media pages:

  • Be respectful: Personal attacks or derogatory comments aimed at specific individuals, employees or students are not permitted. Information that violates a student’s or staff member’s right to privacy is prohibited as well. Do not bully, intimidate or harass any user. Content that is hateful, threatening, pornographic or that contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence may be removed.

  • Be polite: Avoid language that is abusive or inappropriate, including profanity or vulgarity, as well as remarks that are racist, sexist, sexually explicit or obscene.

  • Be relevant: Do not post comments that advertise or promote a product, service or political candidate. Spam, commercial advertisements or content unrelated to the school district may be removed.

  • Be factual: Blatantly inaccurate, libelous or false information will be removed. Postings must comply with applicable copyright rules and laws. Anything unlawful, misleading, malicious or discriminatory may be removed.


  • All comment postings are at the discretion of the page administrator and may be removed if any of the above guidelines are disrespected.

  • Individuals who do not follow these guidelines could have their posts removed and could be blocked.

  • Comment postings from the public on District 88 social media accounts become public record.

  • District 88 is not responsible for content posted by others. The comments and opinions expressed by members of the public are theirs alone and do not reflect the opinions of the district or its employees.

  • Comment postings must adhere to all District 88 Board of Education policies, including 7:180. Prevention of and Response to Bullying, Intimidation, and Harassment. A complete list of Board policies can be viewed at https://www.boardpolicyonline.com/?b=dupage_88.

Communication guidelines
District 88 social media accounts are not a public forum, but rather a moderated online discussion site. Please do not use social media in place of standard communication practices such as contacting a school educator to share personal issues and concerns. If you have concerns or questions about a specific situation, we ask that you please call your school and voice your opinion.

To ensure you receive the most accurate content, we ask that you follow information provided directly by District 88 through our website, social media, electronic newsletter and automated calls/e-mails.

For questions or more information, e-mail dbrink@dupage88.net or call 630-530-3989. See the flyer below (and attached) for more information.

District 88 Communication Guidelines