English Department

Department Head: Brett Blair

Willowbrook English Department

English Department's Goal Statements:

  • Read and appreciate fiction and nonfiction for a variety of purposes, including writing, making predictions, asking relevant questions and verifying answers.
  • Listen and synthesize information given by the teacher, students and other resources.
  • Work cooperatively with fellow students and the teacher toward common goals.
  • Read, view and discuss fiction, nonfiction, drama and film to understand the human condition.
  • Identify the characteristics of the major literary genres such as fiction, poetry, drama, etc.
  • Analyze and evaluate literature from significant historical periods.
  • Distinguish historical periods and the development of American and world literature.
  • Distinguish the effects of cultural differences on the perspective, style and format of literature.
  • Write standard English in correct sentences and paragraphs for a variety of audiences.
  • Write compositions and essays that are descriptive, expository, narrative and persuasive.
  • Write a research paper that investigates a topic of significance and reflects a thoughtful position.
  • Perform speeches in standard English that are reflections of the individual and express thoughtful positions.
  • Complete creative projects (dramatic, fictional, etc.).

Writing Center:

Attention, Willowbrook students and parents/guardians! Did you know Willowbrook provides a Writing Center as a resource to assist students? Come by and get help at any or every stage of your writing process!

The center is dedicated to supporting students’ development into effective and confident writers, and students are encouraged to bring writings from any class assignment, college application essays, scholarship essays, or personal writings. We're available to help you revise digitally (shared via Google Docs or e-mail) or in person.

The center is open throughout the school day (from 7:30 a.m. to 3:10 p.m.) in room A115 (right next to the English office). Pupils are welcome to drop off papers, stop by during their resource or lunch period, or schedule an appointment for a writing conference by sending an e-mail to Writing Center Aides Ashley Anderson (aanderson@dupage88.net) or Adam Hage (ahage@dupage88.org). Conferences involve discussing strengths and weaknesses of the paper, introducing strategies and resources to improve writing, facilitating student-generated revisions (pupils are expected to be engaged in the editing process) and fostering a supportive and positive environment for writers.

* Students also can join the Writing Center Google Classroom with the Spring 2020 classroom code gsses6q

Summer reading information (also see attached documents at the bottom of the page):

English 9 Honors summer letter

English 10 Honors summer letter

AP English Language and Composition summer letter

AP English Literature and Composition summer letter


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