Willowbrook Staff Directory

The following directory listing shows staff members at Willowbrook High School.  Click on a staff member's name for more information.

Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Ambar Aguirre photo
Ambar Aguirre
Department Secretary
(630) 530-3999 View Ambar Aguirre schedule Contact Ambar Aguirre
Staff member Leslie Allenspach photo
Leslie Allenspach
(630) 782-2839 View Leslie Allenspach schedule Contact Leslie Allenspach
Staff member Lucy Almanza-Fernandez  photo
Lucy Almanza-Fernandez
(630) 782-2837 View Lucy Almanza-Fernandez  schedule Contact Lucy Almanza-Fernandez
Staff member Ashley Anderson photo
Ashley Anderson
(630) 782-2844 View Ashley Anderson schedule Contact Ashley Anderson
Jocelyn Antonio
(630) 782-3124 View Jocelyn Antonio schedule Contact Jocelyn Antonio
Staff member Isela Aquino photo
Isela Aquino
Executive Assistant to Principal
(630) 530-3439 View Isela Aquino schedule Contact Isela Aquino
Staff member Terry Artman photo
Terry Artman
(630) 782-3086 View Terry Artman schedule Contact Terry Artman
Staff member Carmen Avdiu photo
Carmen Avdiu
Counselor (Special Education A-Z)
(630) 530-3424 View Carmen Avdiu schedule Contact Carmen Avdiu
Staff member Daniel Bannon photo
Daniel Bannon
(630) 782-2825 View Daniel Bannon schedule Contact Daniel Bannon
Staff member Mary Barney photo
Mary Barney
CTE Department Head
(630) 782-2823 View Mary Barney schedule Contact Mary Barney
Staff member Maria Bazaldua photo
Maria Bazaldua
Attendance Secretary (A-I)
(630) 782-2835 View Maria Bazaldua schedule Contact Maria Bazaldua
Staff member Ryan Bazon photo
Ryan Bazon
(630) 530-3961 View Ryan Bazon schedule Contact Ryan Bazon
Nick Beausoleil
Technology Staff (WB)
(630) 782-3003 View Nick Beausoleil schedule Contact Nick Beausoleil
Linda Behrendt
Teacher Aide
View Linda Behrendt schedule Contact Linda Behrendt
Staff member Steven Belknap photo
Steven Belknap
(630) 782-3046 View Steven Belknap schedule Contact Steven Belknap
Kusum Bhatt
Teacher Aide
Contact Kusum Bhatt
Rajendra Bhatt
Teacher Aide
Contact Rajendra Bhatt
Staff member Brett Blair photo
Brett Blair
(630) 782-2838 View Brett Blair schedule Contact Brett Blair
Staff member Jan Bobek photo
Jan Bobek
(630) 782-3037 View Jan Bobek schedule Contact Jan Bobek
Staff member Jim Bolsinger photo
Jim Bolsinger
(630) 782-3100 View Jim Bolsinger schedule Contact Jim Bolsinger
John Bondi
(630) 628-3362 Contact John Bondi
Staff member Pam Bradford photo
Pam Bradford
Library Aide
(630) 530-3413 View Pam Bradford schedule Contact Pam Bradford
Staff member Steve Bridges photo
Steve Bridges
(630) 530-3961 View Steve Bridges schedule Contact Steve Bridges
Staff member Justine Bryers photo
Justine Bryers
(630) 530-3966 View Justine Bryers schedule Contact Justine Bryers
Maggie Buck
(630) 782-4867 View Maggie  Buck schedule Contact Maggie  Buck
Earl Buckley
Technology Staff (WB)
(630) 782-3119 View Earl Buckley schedule Contact Earl Buckley
Staff member Jennifer Burns photo
Jennifer Burns
(630) 782-3023 View Jennifer Burns schedule Contact Jennifer Burns
Staff member Christine Calandra photo
Christine Calandra
(630) 530-3455 View Christine Calandra schedule Contact Christine Calandra
Staff member Genaro Chanez photo
Genaro Chanez
Department Secretary
(630) 530-3966 View Genaro Chanez schedule Contact Genaro Chanez
Staff member Brian Chelmecki photo
Brian Chelmecki
Math Department Head
(630) 782-3015 View Brian Chelmecki schedule Contact Brian Chelmecki
Staff member Steve Chojnacki photo
Steve Chojnacki
(630) 530-3450 View Steve Chojnacki schedule Contact Steve Chojnacki
Staff member Matt Clapper photo
Matt Clapper
(630) 782-3087 View Matt Clapper schedule Contact Matt Clapper
Staff member Matt Cochran photo
Matt Cochran
(630) 782-3105 View Matt Cochran schedule Contact Matt Cochran
Staff member Andria Coletta photo
Andria Coletta
(630) 530-3961 View Andria Coletta schedule Contact Andria Coletta
Staff member Brandon Collings photo
Brandon Collings
(630) 782-2859 View Brandon Collings schedule Contact Brandon Collings
Jennifer Corona
(630) 782-3123 View Jennifer Corona schedule Contact Jennifer Corona
Bob Daly
(630) 782-2865 View Bob Daly schedule Contact Bob Daly
Judy Degnan
Administrative Assistant
(630) 530-6078 View Judy Degnan schedule Contact Judy Degnan
Staff member Julio Del Real  photo
Julio Del Real
Dean (J-M)
(630) 530-6060 View Julio Del Real  schedule Contact Julio Del Real
Staff member Eduardo Delacruz photo
Eduardo Delacruz
(630) 530-3407 View Eduardo Delacruz schedule Contact Eduardo Delacruz
Erika Delgado
Financial Secretary
(630) 530-3445 View Erika Delgado schedule Contact Erika Delgado
Leslie Diederich
Teacher Aide
View Leslie Diederich schedule Contact Leslie Diederich
Staff member Edgar Dorado photo
Edgar Dorado
(630) 458-4251 View Edgar Dorado schedule Contact Edgar Dorado
Staff member Chris Dunk photo
Chris Dunk
(630) 530-3437 View Chris Dunk schedule Contact Chris Dunk
D'Amonte Ellis
View D'Amonte Ellis schedule Contact D'Amonte Ellis
Staff member Erik Engel, LCSW photo
Erik Engel, LCSW
Social Worker
(630) 530-3423 View Erik Engel, LCSW schedule Contact Erik Engel, LCSW
Staff member Stephanie Ennis photo
Stephanie Ennis
(630) 782-2882 View Stephanie Ennis schedule Contact Stephanie Ennis
Staff member John Epple photo
John Epple
Department Head
(630) 782-2811 View John Epple schedule Contact John Epple
Staff member Brian Eslick photo
Brian Eslick
(630) 782-3089 View Brian Eslick schedule Contact Brian Eslick
Cecilia Feliciano
View Cecilia Feliciano schedule Contact Cecilia Feliciano
Staff member Ben Fenske photo
Ben Fenske
(630) 530-3966 View Ben Fenske schedule Contact Ben Fenske
Staff member Daniel Fliegel photo
Daniel Fliegel
(630) 530-3964 View Daniel Fliegel schedule Contact Daniel Fliegel
Staff member Scott Forcash photo
Scott Forcash
Counselor (N-S)
(630) 530-3420 View Scott Forcash schedule Contact Scott Forcash
Staff member Hilary Foster photo
Hilary Foster
(630) 782-3061 View Hilary Foster schedule Contact Hilary Foster
Staff member Julie Foster photo
Julie Foster
(630) 530-3408 View Julie Foster schedule Contact Julie Foster
Staff member John Fouser photo
John Fouser
(630) 782-3071 View John Fouser schedule Contact John Fouser
Staff member Maritza Francisco photo
Maritza Francisco
(630) 782-2878 View Maritza Francisco schedule Contact Maritza Francisco
Lilia Franco
(630) 530-3458 View Lilia Franco schedule Contact Lilia Franco
Staff member David Garcia photo
David Garcia
Department Head
(630) 782-3081 View David Garcia schedule Contact David Garcia
Staff member Anthony Gebhart photo
Anthony Gebhart
(630) 458-4511 View Anthony Gebhart schedule Contact Anthony Gebhart
Donald (DJ) Giammarino
School Resource Officer
(630) 782-2833 View Donald (DJ) Giammarino schedule Contact Donald (DJ) Giammarino
Staff member Dr. Jamie Gourley photo
Dr. Jamie Gourley
Assistant Principal
(630) 530-3444 View Dr. Jamie Gourley schedule Contact Dr. Jamie Gourley
Marianne Greco
View Marianne Greco schedule Contact Marianne Greco
Staff member Scott Grobstein photo
Scott Grobstein
(630) 782-2852 View Scott Grobstein schedule Contact Scott Grobstein
Adam Hage
(630) 782-2853 View Adam Hage schedule Contact Adam Hage
Kelly Harrington
Teacher Aide
(630) 530-3966 View Kelly Harrington schedule Contact Kelly Harrington
Jacqueline Hartman
(630) 782-7869 View Jacqueline  Hartman schedule Contact Jacqueline  Hartman
Staff member Mike Haussmann photo
Mike Haussmann
Department Head
(630) 530-3410 View Mike Haussmann schedule Contact Mike Haussmann
Staff member Mike Haussmann photo
Mike Haussmann
Driver Ed Coordinator
(630) 530-3412 View Mike Haussmann schedule Contact Mike Haussmann
Staff member Nick Hildreth photo
Nick Hildreth
(630) 530-3682 View Nick Hildreth schedule Contact Nick Hildreth
Brian Hoehn
Technology Staff (WB)
(630) 782-3121 View Brian Hoehn schedule Contact Brian Hoehn
Charles Hoehn
Technology Staff (WB)
(630) 458-4598 View Charles Hoehn schedule Contact Charles Hoehn
Staff member Gabrielle Horabik photo
Gabrielle Horabik
(630) 782-2848 View Gabrielle Horabik schedule Contact Gabrielle Horabik
Curtis Hudson
Teacher Aide
Contact Curtis Hudson
Staff member Elizabeth Hutchinson photo
Elizabeth Hutchinson
(630) 782-3017 View Elizabeth Hutchinson schedule Contact Elizabeth Hutchinson
Staff member Marcia Ivancevic photo
Marcia Ivancevic
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal
(630) 530-3444 View Marcia Ivancevic schedule Contact Marcia Ivancevic
Staff member Kim Jackson-Petrella photo
Kim Jackson-Petrella
Library Aide
(630) 530-3413 View Kim Jackson-Petrella schedule Contact Kim Jackson-Petrella
Staff member Rose  Janusz photo
Rose Janusz
Department Head
(630) 628-2611 View Rose  Janusz schedule Contact Rose  Janusz
Staff member Ivan Jimenez photo
Ivan Jimenez
(630) 458-4375 View Ivan Jimenez schedule Contact Ivan Jimenez
Staff member Marisol  Johnson photo
Marisol Johnson
(630) 782-3064 View Marisol  Johnson schedule Contact Marisol  Johnson
Zachary Joiner
(630) 782-3098 View Zachary Joiner schedule Contact Zachary Joiner
Barbara Juvan
Teacher Aide
Contact Barbara Juvan
Isabel Juvan
(630) 782-3116 View Isabel Juvan schedule Contact Isabel Juvan
Staff member Shelley Kanara photo
Shelley Kanara
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal
(630) 530-3441 View Shelley Kanara schedule Contact Shelley Kanara
Staff member Rachel Karos photo
Rachel Karos
(630) 530-3408 View Rachel Karos schedule Contact Rachel Karos
Staff member James Kedvesh photo
James Kedvesh
(630) 782-3074 View James Kedvesh schedule Contact James Kedvesh
Sumera Khurram
Teacher Aide
View Sumera Khurram schedule Contact Sumera Khurram
Staff member Karina  Klimek  photo
Karina Klimek
(630) 530-3416 View Karina  Klimek  schedule Contact Karina  Klimek
Jenna Kragel
MSN, RN, PEL-CSN / Certified School Nurse
(630) 530-3457 View Jenna Kragel schedule Contact Jenna Kragel
Staff member Dr. Daniel Krause photo
Dr. Daniel Krause
(630) 530-3439 View Dr. Daniel Krause schedule Contact Dr. Daniel Krause
Renee Lavery
Teacher Aide
Contact Renee Lavery
Staff member Maureen Lindhorst photo
Maureen Lindhorst
(630) 782-3059 View Maureen Lindhorst schedule Contact Maureen Lindhorst
Staff member Tiffany Linwood photo
Tiffany Linwood
(630) 782-2858 View Tiffany Linwood schedule Contact Tiffany Linwood
Staff member Kathy Lipowski photo
Kathy Lipowski
Literacy Department Head
(630) 782-3001 View Kathy Lipowski schedule Contact Kathy Lipowski
Staff member Laura Lopez photo
Laura Lopez
(630) 782-2822 View Laura Lopez schedule Contact Laura Lopez
Marcela Lopez
Department Secretary (Learning Services)
(630) 530-3431 View Marcela Lopez schedule Contact Marcela Lopez
Staff member Anna Lu photo
Anna Lu
(630) 530-3961 View Anna Lu schedule Contact Anna Lu
Staff member Brett Maguire photo
Brett Maguire
Department Head
(630) 782-3085 View Brett Maguire schedule Contact Brett Maguire
Staff member Benjamin Maher photo
Benjamin Maher
(630) 782-3050 View Benjamin Maher schedule Contact Benjamin Maher
Peter Makrinski
Teacher Aide
View Peter Makrinski schedule Contact Peter Makrinski
Staff member Rachael  Manley photo
Rachael Manley
(630) 782-3114 View Rachael  Manley schedule Contact Rachael  Manley
MaryKathryn Maranowicz
(630) 782-2862 View MaryKathryn Maranowicz                     schedule Contact MaryKathryn Maranowicz
Staff member Michael Marotta photo
Michael Marotta
(630) 782-3056 View Michael Marotta schedule Contact Michael Marotta
Staff member Dmitri Martinez  photo
Dmitri Martinez
(630) 782-3131 View Dmitri Martinez  schedule Contact Dmitri Martinez
Vanessa Martinez
(630) 782-3076 View Vanessa Martinez schedule Contact Vanessa Martinez
Irene Mason
Social Worker
(630) 530-3695 View Irene Mason schedule Contact Irene Mason
Sonia Mendez
Administrative Assistant
(630) 530-3418 View Sonia Mendez schedule Contact Sonia Mendez
Barbara Meredith
Teacher Aide
(630) 782-3117 View Barbara Meredith schedule Contact Barbara Meredith
Staff member Kimberly  Mikesell photo
Kimberly Mikesell
Counselor ACHIEVE Program A-Z
(630) 458-4527 View Kimberly  Mikesell schedule Contact Kimberly  Mikesell
Terrence Miller
(630) 782-4586 View Terrence  Miller schedule Contact Terrence  Miller
Staff member Juveriya  Mir photo
Juveriya Mir
(630) 782-3097 View Juveriya  Mir schedule Contact Juveriya  Mir
Staff member Miguel Molina photo
Miguel Molina
(630) 782-3002 View Miguel Molina schedule Contact Miguel Molina
Staff member Peter  Montgomery photo
Peter Montgomery
(630) 782-3093 View Peter  Montgomery schedule Contact Peter  Montgomery
Rosie Montoya
Attendance Secretary
(630) 530-3429 View Rosie  Montoya  schedule Contact Rosie  Montoya
Staff member Rachel Morris photo
Rachel Morris
IEP Coordinator
(630) 782-3105 View Rachel Morris schedule Contact Rachel Morris
Staff member Gina Mucha photo
Gina Mucha
Department Secretary
(630) 530-3412 View Gina Mucha schedule Contact Gina Mucha
Lauren Mueller
Teacher Aide
View Lauren Mueller schedule Contact Lauren Mueller
Staff member Megan Murphy photo
Megan Murphy
(630) 530-3409 View Megan Murphy schedule Contact Megan Murphy
Staff member Tara  Murphy photo
Tara Murphy
(630) 782-2854 View Tara  Murphy schedule Contact Tara  Murphy
Staff member Amy Nowak photo
Amy Nowak
(630) 782-2883 View Amy Nowak schedule Contact Amy Nowak
Staff member JoAnn O'Donnell-Loza photo
JoAnn O'Donnell-Loza
(630) 530-3458 View JoAnn O'Donnell-Loza schedule Contact JoAnn O'Donnell-Loza
Yesenia Ocana
Assistant to Student Services
(630) 530-3427 View Yesenia  Ocana schedule Contact Yesenia  Ocana
Cynthia Ochoa
(630) 782-3079 View Cynthia  Ochoa schedule Contact Cynthia  Ochoa
Staff member Maria Oplawski photo
Maria Oplawski
Bookstore Manager
(630) 530-3449 View Maria Oplawski schedule Contact Maria Oplawski
Stephanie Oros
(630) 782-3073 View Stephanie  Oros schedule Contact Stephanie  Oros
Staff member Richard Ortiz photo
Richard Ortiz
(630) 782-3045 View Richard Ortiz schedule Contact Richard Ortiz
Staff member Anthony Pennella photo
Anthony Pennella
(630) 782-3103 View Anthony Pennella schedule Contact Anthony Pennella
Maria Perez
(630) 530-3685 View Maria  Perez schedule Contact Maria  Perez
Staff member Amy Peschke photo
Amy Peschke
Department Head
(630) 530-3968 View Amy Peschke schedule Contact Amy Peschke
Rachel Petrbok
Teacher Aide
View Rachel Petrbok schedule Contact Rachel Petrbok
Staff member Michael Phillips photo
Michael Phillips
(630) 864-7482 View Michael Phillips schedule Contact Michael Phillips
Staff member Sara Phillips photo
Sara Phillips
(630) 530-3966 View Sara Phillips schedule Contact Sara Phillips
Staff member Lourdes Pina photo
Lourdes Pina
Counselor (K-M)
(630) 530-3415 View Lourdes Pina schedule Contact Lourdes Pina
Staff member Maggie Porter photo
Maggie Porter
(630) 782-2847 View Maggie Porter schedule Contact Maggie Porter
Staff member Kevin Quinn photo
Kevin Quinn
(630) 530-3692 View Kevin Quinn schedule Contact Kevin Quinn
Staff member Linda Radtke photo
Linda Radtke
(708) 782-3038 View Linda Radtke schedule Contact Linda Radtke
Tazeen Rafiq
Teacher Aide
View Tazeen Rafiq schedule Contact Tazeen Rafiq
Staff member Dr. Portia Ransom photo
Dr. Portia Ransom
Department Head
(630) 782-2838 View Dr. Portia Ransom schedule Contact Dr. Portia Ransom
Staff member Julie Rasso photo
Julie Rasso
(630) 782-3026 View Julie Rasso schedule Contact Julie Rasso
Staff member Allan Rendak photo
Allan Rendak
(630) 782-3036 View Allan Rendak schedule Contact Allan Rendak
Ayesha Rizvi
School Psychologist
(630) 530-3434 View Ayesha Rizvi schedule Contact Ayesha Rizvi
Staff member Amanda Rohlfing photo
Amanda Rohlfing
(630) 782-3027 View Amanda Rohlfing schedule Contact Amanda Rohlfing
Malcolm Ross
Dean (N-Z)
(630) 530-3425 Contact Malcolm Ross
Angela Ruiz
Student Accounting
(630) 530-3986 View Angela Ruiz schedule Contact Angela Ruiz
Ivonne Saucedo
Assistant to Student Services
(630) 530-3417 View Ivonne  Saucedo schedule Contact Ivonne  Saucedo
Staff member Staci Scapardine photo
Staci Scapardine
(630) 782-2884 View Staci Scapardine schedule Contact Staci Scapardine
Staff member Brad Schmit photo
Brad Schmit
(630) 782-3083 View Brad Schmit schedule Contact Brad Schmit
Staff member Matt Scott photo
Matt Scott
(630) 530-3967 View Matt Scott schedule Contact Matt Scott
Amanda Seymore
Teacher Aide
View Amanda Seymore schedule Contact Amanda Seymore
Staff member Shilpa Shah photo
Shilpa Shah
(630) 530-3965 View Shilpa Shah schedule Contact Shilpa Shah
Yusuf Shah
(630) 782-2812 View Yusuf Shah schedule Contact Yusuf Shah
Staff member Brian Shanahan photo
Brian Shanahan
(630) 782-2856 View Brian Shanahan schedule Contact Brian Shanahan
Staff member Charles Sheridan photo
Charles Sheridan
(630) 782-3095 View Charles Sheridan schedule Contact Charles Sheridan
Staff member Eleni Sianis photo
Eleni Sianis
(630) 782-2811 View Eleni Sianis schedule Contact Eleni Sianis
Staff member Carrie Skala photo
Carrie Skala
(630) 782-2802 View Carrie Skala schedule Contact Carrie Skala
Staff member Colleen Smith photo
Colleen Smith
(630) 782-3009 View Colleen Smith schedule Contact Colleen Smith
Staff member James Smith photo
James Smith
Teacher Aide
(630) 530-3431 View James Smith schedule Contact James Smith
Staff member Amy Stark photo
Amy Stark
(630) 530-3408 View Amy Stark schedule Contact Amy Stark
Staff member Katherine Strand-Carroll photo
Katherine Strand-Carroll
Department Head
(630) 782-3125 View Katherine Strand-Carroll schedule Contact Katherine Strand-Carroll
Staff member Gary  Strzelczyk photo
Gary Strzelczyk
(630) 782-3020 View Gary  Strzelczyk schedule Contact Gary  Strzelczyk
Staff member Trudy Sulita photo
Trudy Sulita
Department Secretary
(630) 530-3729 View Trudy Sulita schedule Contact Trudy Sulita
Ed Sullivan
Athletic Director
(630) 530-3406 View Ed Sullivan schedule Contact Ed Sullivan
Staff member Michael Sullivan photo
Michael Sullivan
(630) 782-2857 View Michael Sullivan schedule Contact Michael Sullivan
Staff member Curtis Tate photo
Curtis Tate
Assistant Principal
(630) 530-3441 View Curtis Tate schedule Contact Curtis Tate
Staff member Azahara Tello photo
Azahara Tello
(630) 782-3018 View Azahara Tello schedule Contact Azahara Tello
Staff member Eastman Tiu photo
Eastman Tiu
(630) 782-3077 View Eastman Tiu schedule Contact Eastman Tiu
Staff member Courtney Vala photo
Courtney Vala
(630) 530-3693 View Courtney Vala schedule Contact Courtney Vala
Staff member Marlene Valadez photo
Marlene Valadez
(630) 530-3998 View Marlene Valadez schedule Contact Marlene Valadez
Staff member Alma Villegas photo
Alma Villegas
Athletic Secretary
(630) 782-3144 View Alma Villegas schedule Contact Alma Villegas
Staff member Neil Wahlgren photo
Neil Wahlgren
(630) 782-3016 View Neil Wahlgren schedule Contact Neil Wahlgren
Staff member Gary Walker photo
Gary Walker
(630) 782-3118 View Gary Walker schedule Contact Gary Walker
Staff member Clyde Ware photo
Clyde Ware
(630) 782-3051 View Clyde Ware schedule Contact Clyde Ware
Staff member Regina Wathier photo
Regina Wathier
(630) 782-2860 View Regina Wathier schedule Contact Regina Wathier
Staff member James White photo
James White
(630) 530-3455 View James White schedule Contact James White
Staff member Dana  Whittaker photo
Dana Whittaker
Director of Guidance, Professional School Counselor (T-Z)
(630) 530-3421 View Dana  Whittaker schedule Contact Dana  Whittaker
Staff member Dana Whittaker photo
Dana Whittaker
Community Outreach School Counselor & College Programming Coordinator
(630) 530-3421 View Dana Whittaker schedule Contact Dana Whittaker
Staff member Andrew Wilhoit photo
Andrew Wilhoit
(630) 782-2864 View Andrew Wilhoit schedule Contact Andrew Wilhoit
Melisa Williams-Rivera
(630) 530-3422 View Melisa Williams-Rivera schedule Contact Melisa Williams-Rivera
Staff member Kathryn Wilson photo
Kathryn Wilson
(630) 782-2863 View Kathryn Wilson schedule Contact Kathryn Wilson
Staff member Victor Wisner photo
Victor Wisner
(630) 782-9630 View Victor Wisner schedule Contact Victor Wisner
Staff member Terri Woebel photo
Terri Woebel
(630) 782-2855 View Terri Woebel schedule Contact Terri Woebel
Staff member Karyn Wolcott photo
Karyn Wolcott
Department Head
(630) 530-3963 View Karyn Wolcott schedule Contact Karyn Wolcott
Staff member Travis Wolff photo
Travis Wolff
(630) 782-3126 View Travis Wolff schedule Contact Travis Wolff
Staff member Nilay  Woodbury photo
Nilay Woodbury
(630) 458-4537 View Nilay  Woodbury schedule Contact Nilay  Woodbury
Staff member Cindy Zamora-Failla, LCPC photo
Cindy Zamora-Failla, LCPC
Counselor (E-J)
(630) 782-3137 View Cindy Zamora-Failla, LCPC schedule Contact Cindy Zamora-Failla, LCPC
Staff member Matthew Zaucha photo
Matthew Zaucha
(630) 530-3400 View Matthew Zaucha schedule Contact Matthew Zaucha
Staff member Beata Zawojska photo
Beata Zawojska
View Beata Zawojska schedule Contact Beata Zawojska
Alexis Zayed
(630) 782-3129 View Alexis Zayed schedule Contact Alexis Zayed
Staff member Elizabeth Zwart photo
Elizabeth Zwart
(630) 782-3029 View Elizabeth Zwart schedule Contact Elizabeth Zwart
Staff member Josh Zwart photo
Josh Zwart
(630) 782-3025 View Josh Zwart schedule Contact Josh Zwart