Willowbrook hosts Step-Up Days to welcome incoming class of freshmen; For many, Willowbrook is already a familiar home

Each school year, Willowbrook hosts Step-Up Days to welcome the incoming class of freshmen, who will join the Warrior family the following fall.

This year’s events took place on Dec. 5, 6 and 7. Eighth-grade students from Jackson Middle School, Jefferson Middle School, Albright Middle School and local private schools had the opportunity to tour Willowbrook and learn about its extracurriculars, the Warrior Code (what it means to be a Warrior) and selecting academic courses.

For many of those students, Willowbrook is already a familiar place, as they’re part of legacy families or have previously attended events, activities or classes at the high school.

Brianna and Capri Kari are two of those pupils, as Willowbrook has been part of their lives for several years. They attended Willowbrook’s Little Warrior Preschool program in 2014 (pictured above, left) and are now eighth-graders at Jackson. Willowbrook Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher and Little Warrior Preschool Coordinator Stephanie Ennis was thrilled to see and reconnect with Brianna during Step-Up Days on Dec. 6 (pictured above, right). For more information about the Little Warrior Preschool program, go to https://dupage88.net/site/page/15547.