Willowbrook presents 2023-24 second-quarter Outstanding Students and Outstanding Teacher

Pictured are the Willowbrook students who were recognized as Outstanding Students during an event in their honor on Dec. 7. They are (back row, from left) sophomore Nicholas Hackett, freshman Bryce Raffen, senior Alexander Perry, senior Lucia DiTerlizzi, junior Thomas Radomski, senior Demetri Vourlos, senior Joseph Weaver, (front row, from left) sophomore Eden Camarillo, sophomore Jaime Johnson, junior Mia Bauman, senior Valeri Rebollo Paniagua and sophomore Emily Hanson.

On Dec. 7, 12 Willowbrook students were recognized as Outstanding Students for the second quarter of the 2023-24 school year.

To watch the presentation, click on the video above.

Criteria to be chosen for that award include:

  • Demonstrating extraordinary achievement, outstanding effort, commendable attitude and motivation

  • Ability to overcome obstacles

  • Continuous exemplary performance

During the event, Willowbrook Principal Dr. Daniel Krause and Assistant Principal Dr. Jamie Gourley welcomed the recipients and their families, as well as the staff members who nominated the honorees. Participants enjoyed breakfast provided by The Brook Catering Co., which is comprised of Willowbrook culinary students. 

The Outstanding Students are:
Art: Sophomore Emily Hanson

Career and Technical Education (CTE): Senior Joseph Weaver

English: Junior Mia Bauman

Learning services: Senior Demetri Vourlos

Literacy: Senior Valeri Rebollo Paniagua

Math: Senior Alexander Perry

Music: Senior Lucia DiTerlizzi

Physical education: Freshman Bryce Raffen

Science: Junior Thomas Radomski

Social studies: Sophomore Nicholas Hackett

Warrior Resource Center: Sophomore Jaime Johnson

World languages: Sophomore Eden Camarillo

Willowbrook English teacher Tara Murphy (pictured above, right) received the Outstanding Teacher award and was presented by Willowbrook junior Tamara Aledwan (pictured above, left). To earn the Outstanding Teacher award, a staff member must treat teaching as a passion – not just a job, create a positive learning environment where students feel encouraged and supported, use a variety of strategies to engage students, be willing to offer extra support when needed, provide prompt and effective feedback to students on their learning, and relate to and understand the viewpoints and perspectives of students.