Willowbrook students participate in cinema and cuisine workshop to enhance knowledge of French culture

On Oct. 18, 28 Willowbrook students who are enrolled in French 2, 3 Honors, 4 Honors and AP French Language & Culture traveled to Chicago to participate in a cinema and cuisine workshop.

During the field trip, pupils attended a cooking class taught in French, where they learned how to make croissants au jambon et fromage (ham and cheese sandwiches), salade verte avec vinaigrette (green salad with vinaigrette) and crêpes sucrées (sweet crepes). They then watched the film “Le Chef” (2014) and toured the Alliance Française de Chicago. Founded in 1897 with the mandate to promote French culture in Chicago, the Alliance Française is among the oldest of cultural institutions in the city. Read more at https://www.af-chicago.org/.