Willowbrook Theatre to present fall musical, Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’

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Willowbrook Theatre invites all students, parents/guardians, alumni, staff, community members, fans and friends to take a journey under the sea and experience Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” as the school presents its fall musical on Nov. 16, 17 and 18.

The story tells the classic tale of transitioning from youth to adulthood – discovering who you are and where you belong, falling in love and finding your voice. Ariel is a 16-year-old mermaid, who longs for adventure and to explore the world beyond her home in the waves. While on an excursion to the shore, Ariel saves a young man (Prince Eric) during a shipwreck, and an instant connection forms between the two. When Ariel’s father, King Triton, finds out she disobeyed his orders to stay away from land and humans, he destroys her precious collection of items from the world up above. Devastated, Ariel makes a dangerous deal with the sea witch, Ursula – and risks it all for the life she desires. Now, Ariel and her friends (Sebastian the crab, Flounder the fish and Scuttle the seagull) must be cunning and daring as they race against the clock to find a happily ever after.

“I wanted to offer a family-friendly, community show that would bring everyone together – and nothing does that better than Disney,” said Regina Wathier, Willowbrook Theatre Director. “I hope the audience members appreciate all of the creative elements in this full production – from the costumes and the choreography, to the lighting and the set. I want them to enjoy an evening of fun and to sing along with us.”

Willowbrook junior Gillian Falco plays Ariel and said she’s thrilled to portray her “favorite princess.”

“I hope the children in the audience feel a connection to the character like I had growing up and that I can provide them with a sliver of the joy I always experienced when I watched this show,” Falco said. “We’re able to add a level of depth and humanness by bringing the story to life on stage. It’s an opportunity to rediscover that childhood wonder, and we can all relate to Ariel trying to figure out her path – especially after the impact of COVID-19.”

Willowbrook senior Sean O’Brochta, who plays Eric, said he recently watched the cartoon version of “The Little Mermaid” for the first time.

“People can expect to see the story they know and love, but it will be an enhanced version, with expanded scenes and music,” O’Brochta said. “When people leave, I want them to have the iconic songs stuck in their head for days.”

Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”

When: 7 p.m. on Nov. 16, 17 and 18

Where: Willowbrook High School, 1250 S. Ardmore Ave. in Villa Park


  • $10 for adults (13 years old and older)
  • $5 for children (12 years old and younger)
  • Free for those with a District 88 student ID or a District 88 Senior Gold Card
  • Family passes won’t be accepted
  • Tickets can be ordered online at https://www.dupage88.net/site/page/15745

Kiwanis Club of Villa Park Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser: 5 to 6:45 p.m. on Nov. 17 – To see details, including ticket prices, go to https://dupage88.net/site/public/agoraimages/?item=16506&v=1.

For questions or more information: Contact Willowbrook Theatre Director Regina Wathier at rwathier@dupage88.net