Warrior Wellness: An inside look at Willowbrook’s Fitness & Nutrition class

Willowbrook students are working hard every day to become more educated with their health and wellness, and we are thrilled to feature those accomplishments through this monthly column.

In this edition of Warrior Wellness, the Physical Education Department is proud to highlight our Warriors who are enrolled in our Fitness & Nutrition class! This yearlong dual-credit course is taught by physical education teachers Megan Murphy and Steve Belknap and nutrition teacher Staci Scapardine. Students have started the year strong with fitness testing to begin analyzing their health and setting goals/plans to make improvements and healthy changes throughout the school year.

During the semester, students will participate in a variety of lifetime fitness activities, including walking, strength training, yoga, Zumba, tennis and so much more. We continue to sample a variety of workouts to help each individual discover what he/she enjoys and what works best for him/her.

On the nutrition side, students will navigate the basics of preparing healthy meals, while learning about each of the essential nutrients. The goal is to make sure students have these lifelong tools to recognize and make healthier choices.

The Fitness & Nutrition course challenges all students and allows them to work with their teachers, as each student develops an individual plan for his/her wellness. Another unique component of this class is students are eligible to earn dual credit with College of DuPage.

We are excited to work alongside our students to help them on their health and wellness journey!

  • The Warrior Wellness column provides an inside look into the physical education, health and driver education classes at Willowbrook. This monthly feature highlights what students are working on in class, as well as student successes in those departments.