Addison Trail Staff Directory

The following directory listing shows staff members at Addison Trail High School. Click on a staff member's name for more information.

Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Ashley Anderson photo
Ashley Anderson
(630) 782-2844 View Ashley Anderson schedule Contact Ashley Anderson
Staff member Jack Andrews photo
Jack Andrews
(630) 628-3302 Contact Jack Andrews
Staff member Jeffrey Angle photo
Jeffrey Angle
(630) 458-4590 View Jeffrey Angle schedule Contact Jeffrey Angle
Staff member Daniela Ariano photo
Daniela Ariano
(630) 458-4354 View Daniela Ariano schedule Contact Daniela Ariano
Delma Barrios
Department Secretary
(630) 628-3334 Contact Delma  Barrios
Staff member Matthew Bauers photo
Matthew Bauers
(630) 458-4225 View Matthew Bauers schedule Contact Matthew Bauers
Staff member Chris Bazant photo
Chris Bazant
(630) 458-4383 View Chris Bazant schedule Contact Chris Bazant
Staff member Jeannette Becerra photo
Jeannette Becerra
(630) 458-4275 View Jeannette Becerra schedule Contact Jeannette Becerra
Anthony Beltrano
(630) 458-4514 View Anthony Beltrano schedule Contact Anthony Beltrano
Staff member Thomas Bendicsen photo
Thomas Bendicsen
(630) 458-4540 View Thomas Bendicsen schedule Contact Thomas Bendicsen
Staff member Rebecca Boisse photo
Rebecca Boisse
Staff Accompanist
(630) 458-4551 View Rebecca Boisse schedule Contact Rebecca Boisse
Staff member Kira  Bonk photo
Kira Bonk
(630) 458-4560 View Kira  Bonk schedule Contact Kira  Bonk
Staff member Coleen Brechin photo
Coleen Brechin
Department Secretary
(630) 628-2614 Contact Coleen Brechin
Staff member Stephen Bruns photo
Stephen Bruns
(630) 458-3345 View Stephen Bruns schedule Contact Stephen Bruns
Wendy Brusich
(630) 530-3722 View Wendy  Brusich schedule Contact Wendy  Brusich
Staff member Robert Budler photo
Robert Budler
(630) 458-4190 View Robert Budler schedule Contact Robert Budler
Staff member Jason Bugajsky photo
Jason Bugajsky
Department Head
(630) 458-4231 View Jason Bugajsky schedule Contact Jason Bugajsky
Staff member Lindsay Bugajsky photo
Lindsay Bugajsky
(630) 458-4236 View Lindsay Bugajsky schedule Contact Lindsay Bugajsky
Michael Burns
(630) 782-3142 View Michael Burns schedule Contact Michael Burns
Staff member Laura Calo photo
Laura Calo
(630) 458-4545 View Laura Calo schedule Contact Laura Calo
Staff member Itzel Carranza Hegner photo
Itzel Carranza Hegner
(630) 458-4232 View Itzel Carranza Hegner schedule Contact Itzel Carranza Hegner
Veronica Casimiro
Financial Secretary
(630) 628-3310 Contact Veronica  Casimiro
Staff member LeVonne Cescolini-Boyer photo
LeVonne Cescolini-Boyer
(630) 628-3347 View LeVonne Cescolini-Boyer schedule Contact LeVonne Cescolini-Boyer
Staff member Jessica Clark photo
Jessica Clark
(630) 458-4175 View Jessica Clark schedule Contact Jessica Clark
Staff member Denise Cochran photo
Denise Cochran
(630) 458-4501 View Denise Cochran schedule Contact Denise Cochran
Staff member Shane Cole photo
Shane Cole
College & AP Testing Coordinator (COO-HO)
(630) 628-3322 View Shane Cole schedule Contact Shane Cole
Bridget Colleran
(630) 458-4210 View Bridget Colleran schedule Contact Bridget Colleran
Staff member Jessica Connolly photo
Jessica Connolly
Testing Coordinator (A-CON, EL)
(630) 628-3323 View Jessica Connolly schedule Contact Jessica Connolly
Staff member Mark Corey photo
Mark Corey
Department Head
(630) 458-4550 View Mark Corey schedule Contact Mark Corey
Karla Cosio
Athletic Secretary
(630) 458-4391 Contact Karla Cosio
Frederick Crone
(630) 458-4503 View Frederick Crone schedule Contact Frederick Crone
Lisa Crotty
Student Accounting
(630) 628-3309 Contact Lisa Crotty
Staff member Lily De La Torre photo
Lily De La Torre
(630) 458-4165 View Lily De La Torre schedule Contact Lily De La Torre
Staff member Jorge de Leon photo
Jorge de Leon
Social Worker
(630) 628-3374 Contact Jorge de Leon
Santa DeAngelo
Substitute Coordinator
(630) 628-3359 Contact Santa DeAngelo
Staff member Esther Delgado photo
Esther Delgado
Executive Assistant to the Principal
(630) 628-3302 Contact Esther Delgado
Staff member Laura DiNatale photo
Laura DiNatale
Bookstore Manager
(630) 628-3331 Contact Laura DiNatale
Staff member Ryan Dini photo
Ryan Dini
(630) 458-4505 View Ryan Dini schedule Contact Ryan Dini
Staff member Maria DiNovo photo
Maria DiNovo
(630) 458-4355 View Maria DiNovo schedule Contact Maria DiNovo
Staff member Brad Donaldson photo
Brad Donaldson
(630) 458-4373 View Brad Donaldson schedule Contact Brad Donaldson
Jennifer Dowling
SEL Interventionist
(630) 458-4532 View Jennifer Dowling schedule Contact Jennifer Dowling
Staff member Kelly Downer photo
Kelly Downer
(630) 458-4143 View Kelly Downer schedule Contact Kelly Downer
Staff member Alexis Enriquez photo
Alexis Enriquez
(630) 458-4360 View Alexis Enriquez schedule Contact Alexis Enriquez
Staff member Carolyn Erwin photo
Carolyn Erwin
(630) 458-4564 View Carolyn Erwin schedule Contact Carolyn Erwin
Angela Etheridge
(630) 628-2614 View Angela  Etheridge schedule Contact Angela  Etheridge
Staff member Daniel Fernandez photo
Daniel Fernandez
(630) 458-4576 View Daniel Fernandez schedule Contact Daniel Fernandez
Mario Fernandez
(630) 458-4161 View Mario Fernandez schedule Contact Mario Fernandez
Staff member Amy Ferraro photo
Amy Ferraro
Department Head
(630) 458-4170 View Amy Ferraro schedule Contact Amy Ferraro
Staff member Lynn Frazier photo
Lynn Frazier
(630) 458-4359 View Lynn Frazier schedule Contact Lynn Frazier
Staff member Michael Galfi photo
Michael Galfi
(630) 458-4241 View Michael Galfi schedule Contact Michael Galfi
Judy Garcia
Department Secretary
(630) 628-3364 Contact Judy Garcia
Staff member Laura  Garcia photo
Laura Garcia
(630) 782-3008 View Laura  Garcia schedule Contact Laura  Garcia
Staff member Shannon Garcia photo
Shannon Garcia
(630) 458-4566 View Shannon Garcia schedule Contact Shannon Garcia
Sally Garduno
School Psychologist
(630) 458-4530 Contact Sally Garduno
Mark Garlitz
Technology Staff (AT)
(630) 458-4597 Contact Mark Garlitz
Staff member Tina Gatses photo
Tina Gatses
Groups Coordinator (HU-N)
(630) 628-3320 View Tina Gatses schedule Contact Tina Gatses
Staff member Shannon Giertz photo
Shannon Giertz
(630) 628-3329 View Shannon Giertz schedule Contact Shannon Giertz
Staff member Nadia Gomez-Moran photo
Nadia Gomez-Moran
ACHIEVE Social Worker
(630) 458-4296 View Nadia Gomez-Moran schedule Contact Nadia Gomez-Moran
Staff member Antonio Gonzalez photo
Antonio Gonzalez
(630) 458-4382 View Antonio Gonzalez schedule Contact Antonio Gonzalez
Staff member Karen Grady photo
Karen Grady
Department Secretary
(630) 628-2613 Contact Karen Grady
Staff member Andrea Grossart photo
Andrea Grossart
(630) 458-4177 View Andrea Grossart schedule Contact Andrea Grossart
Staff member Dr. Erin Groth photo
Dr. Erin Groth
Department Head
(630) 458-4562 View Dr. Erin Groth schedule Contact Dr. Erin Groth
Staff member Laura Grunschel photo
Laura Grunschel
Department Secretary
(630) 628-3332 Contact Laura Grunschel
Alejandro Guzman
(630) 458-4385 View Alejandro  Guzman schedule Contact Alejandro  Guzman
Staff member Kallie Haney photo
Kallie Haney
(630) 458-4278 View Kallie Haney schedule Contact Kallie Haney
Thomas Hayden
(630) 628-3362 Contact Thomas Hayden
Staff member Justin Hegner photo
Justin Hegner
(630) 458-4234 View Justin Hegner schedule Contact Justin Hegner
Rita Heneghan
(630) 458-4521 View Rita Heneghan schedule Contact Rita Heneghan
Staff member Jose Hernandez photo
Jose Hernandez
(630) 458-4212 View Jose Hernandez schedule Contact Jose Hernandez
Staff member Sonia Hernandez photo
Sonia Hernandez
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal
(630) 628-3306 Contact Sonia Hernandez
Kelly Hickey
Department Secretary
(630) 458-4246 Contact Kelly Hickey
Jessica Hilario
(630) 458-4240 Contact Jessica Hilario
Staff member Patty Hochheimer photo
Patty Hochheimer
Special Education Aide
(630) 628-3300 View Patty Hochheimer schedule
Staff member Timothy Hockensmith photo
Timothy Hockensmith
(630) 458-4112 View Timothy Hockensmith schedule Contact Timothy Hockensmith
Staff member Sydney Hoening photo
Sydney Hoening
(630) 458-4382 View Sydney Hoening schedule Contact Sydney Hoening
Staff member Steve Holland photo
Steve Holland
Director of Deans (ACHIEVE, BRC & IEP)
(630) 628-3398 Contact Steve Holland
Alex Holod
Technology Staff (AT)
(630) 458-4200 Contact Alex Holod
Staff member Athletic  Hotline photo
Athletic Hotline
(630) 628-3326
Staff member Tom Hubner photo
Tom Hubner
(630) 458-4160 View Tom Hubner schedule Contact Tom Hubner
Staff member Katie Inzinga photo
Katie Inzinga
(630) 458-4159 View Katie Inzinga schedule Contact Katie Inzinga
Staff member Aaron Jackson photo
Aaron Jackson
(630) 628-3346 View Aaron Jackson schedule Contact Aaron Jackson
Staff member Jacquelyn Jackson photo
Jacquelyn Jackson
(630) 530-3723 View Jacquelyn Jackson schedule Contact Jacquelyn Jackson
Vicki Jaloszynski-Ream
(630) 458-4293 View Vicki Jaloszynski-Ream schedule Contact Vicki Jaloszynski-Ream
Staff member Rose Janusz photo
Rose Janusz
Department Head
(630) 628-2611 View Rose Janusz schedule Contact Rose Janusz
Staff member Julie Johnson photo
Julie Johnson
Addison Trail Special Education Department Head
(630) 628-3366 View Julie Johnson schedule Contact Julie Johnson
Michael Jones
(630) 458-4525 View Michael Jones schedule Contact Michael Jones
Lynda Jrab
Technology Staff (AT)
(630) 458-4594 Contact Lynda Jrab
Marina Kalic
(630) 458-4351 View Marina Kalic schedule Contact Marina Kalic
Staff member Colleen Kane photo
Colleen Kane
(630) 458-4235 View Colleen Kane schedule Contact Colleen Kane
Gregory Karis
Technology Staff (AT)
(630) 628-4596 Contact Gregory Karis
Staff member Michael Kennedy photo
Michael Kennedy
(630) 458-4504 View Michael Kennedy schedule Contact Michael Kennedy
Staff member Megan King photo
Megan King
(630) 458-4169 View Megan King schedule Contact Megan King
Giavanna Kish
(630) 628-3372 Contact Giavanna  Kish
Staff member Jennifer Kowalski photo
Jennifer Kowalski
Department Head
(630) 458-4214 View Jennifer Kowalski schedule Contact Jennifer Kowalski
Staff member Jeffrey Laschinski photo
Jeffrey Laschinski
(630) 628-3369 View Jeffrey Laschinski schedule Contact Jeffrey Laschinski
Staff member Matt  Lindgren photo
Matt Lindgren
(630) 458-4561 View Matt  Lindgren schedule Contact Matt  Lindgren
Josie Loizzo
LMC Aide
(630) 628-3368 Contact Josie Loizzo
Marcela Lopez
Department Secretary (Attendance Office Secretary)
(630) 458-4149 Contact Marcela Lopez
Mariel Lopez
Department Secretary
(630) 458-4116 Contact Mariel Lopez
Staff member Brendan Lyons photo
Brendan Lyons
Department Chair
(630) 458-4380 View Brendan Lyons schedule Contact Brendan Lyons
Staff member Laura Magnavite photo
Laura Magnavite
(630) 458-4377 View Laura Magnavite schedule Contact Laura Magnavite
Staff member Joe Mahoney photo
Joe Mahoney
(630) 628-2606 View Joe Mahoney schedule Contact Joe Mahoney
Dana Marine
(630) 528-3373 Contact Dana Marine
Staff member Maryellen Marisie photo
Maryellen Marisie
LMC Aide
(630) 458-4226 Contact Maryellen Marisie
Staff member Keith Marston photo
Keith Marston
(630) 458-4270 View Keith Marston schedule Contact Keith Marston
Staff member Karen Martinez photo
Karen Martinez
(312) 330-2695 View Karen Martinez schedule Contact Karen Martinez
Staff member Vincente Martinez photo
Vincente Martinez
Special Education Aide
(630) 628-3300
Staff member Lija Marzec photo
Lija Marzec
(630) 458-4213 View Lija Marzec schedule Contact Lija Marzec
Staff member Theresa Marzullo photo
Theresa Marzullo
(630) 628-3346 View Theresa Marzullo schedule Contact Theresa Marzullo
Staff member Kathleen McColaugh photo
Kathleen McColaugh
(630) 458-4543 View Kathleen McColaugh schedule Contact Kathleen McColaugh
Staff member Anna Louise McSweeney photo
Anna Louise McSweeney
(630) 458-4168 View Anna Louise McSweeney schedule Contact Anna Louise McSweeney
Staff member Carina  Merino photo
Carina Merino
Department Secretary (Deans Secretary)
(630) 628-3312 Contact Carina  Merino
Alex Miller
(630) 628-3372 View Alex Miller schedule Contact Alex Miller
Staff member Don Miller photo
Don Miller
(630) 628-3348 View Don Miller schedule Contact Don Miller
Staff member Sabrina Miller photo
Sabrina Miller
(630) 458-4181 View Sabrina Miller schedule Contact Sabrina Miller
Staff member Andrew Mitchell photo
Andrew Mitchell
(630) 458-4237 View Andrew Mitchell schedule Contact Andrew Mitchell
Staff member Melissa Morales photo
Melissa Morales
(630) 458-4150 View Melissa Morales schedule Contact Melissa Morales
Staff member Jessica Murphy photo
Jessica Murphy
IEP Coordinator
(630) 628-3394 View Jessica Murphy schedule Contact Jessica Murphy
Staff member Jeffery Nellessen photo
Jeffery Nellessen
(630) 628-3360 View Jeffery Nellessen schedule Contact Jeffery Nellessen
Emma Nelson
(630) 458-4578 Contact Emma Nelson
Staff member Steve Nelson photo
Steve Nelson
(630) 628-3346 View Steve Nelson schedule Contact Steve Nelson
Staff member Iridia Nevarez photo
Iridia Nevarez
Assistant Principal
(630) 628-3304 Contact Iridia Nevarez
Staff member Alison Nix photo
Alison Nix
Special Education Counselor
(630) 628-3317 View Alison Nix schedule Contact Alison Nix
Staff member Eric Norberg photo
Eric Norberg
(630) 458-4238 View Eric Norberg schedule Contact Eric Norberg
Staff member Sergio Nunez photo
Sergio Nunez
(630) 628-3350 View Sergio Nunez schedule Contact Sergio Nunez
Staff member Lee Obrzut photo
Lee Obrzut
Department Secretary
(630) 628-3338 Contact Lee Obrzut
Staff member Esther Olivo photo
Esther Olivo
(630) 458-4250 View Esther Olivo schedule Contact Esther Olivo
Staff member Kirsten Olson photo
Kirsten Olson
(630) 458-4239 View Kirsten Olson schedule Contact Kirsten Olson
Staff member Mark Olson photo
Mark Olson
(630) 782-3094 View Mark Olson schedule Contact Mark Olson
Staff member Paul Parpet, Jr photo
Paul Parpet, Jr
(630) 458-4507 View Paul Parpet, Jr schedule Contact Paul Parpet, Jr
Staff member James Perusich photo
James Perusich
(630) 628-3348 View James Perusich schedule Contact James Perusich
Staff member Jenna Phillips photo
Jenna Phillips
Department Head
(630) 628-3396 View Jenna Phillips schedule Contact Jenna Phillips
Staff member Nicholas Pingel photo
Nicholas Pingel
(630) 458-4565 View Nicholas Pingel schedule Contact Nicholas Pingel
Marie Portera
(630) 628-3336 Contact Marie  Portera
Staff member Stacey Puccini photo
Stacey Puccini
(630) 458-4519 View Stacey Puccini schedule Contact Stacey Puccini
Staff member Brankica Pulia photo
Brankica Pulia
(630) 782-3065 View Brankica Pulia schedule Contact Brankica Pulia
Staff member Maria Ramon photo
Maria Ramon
(630) 458-4111 View Maria Ramon schedule Contact Maria Ramon
Staff member Julie Rana photo
Julie Rana
(630) 458-4247 View Julie Rana schedule Contact Julie Rana
Staff member Vicki Ream photo
Vicki Ream
Achieve Co-teacher, School to Work, Bridges American History and Government
(630) 458-4293 View Vicki Ream schedule Contact Vicki Ream
Staff member Kevin Redding photo
Kevin Redding
Department Head
(630) 628-3324 View Kevin Redding schedule Contact Kevin Redding
Staff member Char Restivo photo
Char Restivo
Special Education Aide
(630) 628-3300 View Char Restivo schedule Contact Char Restivo
Staff member Sarah Reynolds photo
Sarah Reynolds
(630) 458-4156 View Sarah Reynolds schedule Contact Sarah Reynolds
Staff member Marlo Rivera photo
Marlo Rivera
Lab Aide
(630) 628-3346 Contact Marlo Rivera
Samantha Rivera
(630) 628-3325 Contact Samantha  Rivera
Staff member Amanda Robles photo
Amanda Robles
World Language Department Head
(630) 458-4548 View Amanda Robles schedule Contact Amanda Robles
Osvaldo Rodriguez
(630) 458-4533 View Osvaldo  Rodriguez schedule Contact Osvaldo  Rodriguez
Raquel Rodriguez
(630) 628-3313 Contact Raquel  Rodriguez
Staff member Mike  Rosengrant photo
Mike Rosengrant
(630) 458-4284 View Mike  Rosengrant schedule Contact Mike  Rosengrant
Kassandra Sandoval
(630) 458-4132 View Kassandra Sandoval schedule Contact Kassandra Sandoval
Staff member Oscar Sandoval photo
Oscar Sandoval
(630) 628-3300 View Oscar Sandoval schedule Contact Oscar Sandoval
Staff member Keith Santini photo
Keith Santini
(630) 628-4671 View Keith Santini schedule Contact Keith Santini
Staff member Rob Schader photo
Rob Schader
Department Head
(630) 628-3328 View Rob Schader schedule Contact Rob Schader
Staff member Jennifer Schulmeister photo
Jennifer Schulmeister
(630) 458-4272 View Jennifer Schulmeister schedule Contact Jennifer Schulmeister
Staff member Caryn Scimeca photo
Caryn Scimeca
Administrative Assistant
(630) 628-3304 Contact Caryn Scimeca
Staff member Rob Serio photo
Rob Serio
(630) 628-3328 View Rob Serio schedule Contact Rob Serio
Staff member Alex Serrano photo
Alex Serrano
(630) 458-4387 View Alex Serrano schedule Contact Alex Serrano
Staff member Annette Severino photo
Annette Severino
(630) 458-4508 View Annette Severino schedule Contact Annette Severino
Staff member Claire Shoup photo
Claire Shoup
(630) 458-4157 View Claire Shoup schedule Contact Claire Shoup
Staff member Joanna Simousek photo
Joanna Simousek
(630) 458-4506 View Joanna Simousek schedule Contact Joanna Simousek
Staff member Gabrielle Sinagra photo
Gabrielle Sinagra
(630) 628-3335 Contact Gabrielle Sinagra
Staff member Jessica Sokolowski photo
Jessica Sokolowski
(630) 628-1128 View Jessica Sokolowski schedule Contact Jessica Sokolowski
Staff member Enza Spilotro photo
Enza Spilotro
(630) 458-4541 View Enza Spilotro schedule Contact Enza Spilotro
Staff member Natalie Stach Wilen photo
Natalie Stach Wilen
(630) 458-4242 View Natalie Stach Wilen schedule Contact Natalie Stach Wilen
Staff member Phillip Stewart photo
Phillip Stewart
(630) 458-4243 View Phillip Stewart schedule Contact Phillip Stewart
Staff member Alexander Stombres photo
Alexander Stombres
(630) 628-3361 View Alexander Stombres schedule Contact Alexander Stombres
Staff member Tiffany Stone photo
Tiffany Stone
(630) 458-8278 View Tiffany Stone schedule Contact Tiffany Stone
Staff member Daniel Styler photo
Daniel Styler
(630) 458-4574 View Daniel Styler schedule Contact Daniel Styler
Staff member Patricia Subers photo
Patricia Subers
(630) 628-3348 View Patricia Subers schedule Contact Patricia Subers
Staff member Aileen Sullivan photo
Aileen Sullivan
(630) 458-4571 View Aileen Sullivan schedule Contact Aileen Sullivan
Staff member Hannah Sutton photo
Hannah Sutton
(630) 458-4352 View Hannah Sutton schedule Contact Hannah Sutton
Staff member Claire Sychta photo
Claire Sychta
(630) 458-4158 View Claire Sychta schedule Contact Claire Sychta
Guadalupe Terrazas
(630) 458-4107 Contact Guadalupe  Terrazas
Staff member Lindsey Thomas-Cushman photo
Lindsey Thomas-Cushman
(630) 782-3090 View Lindsey Thomas-Cushman schedule Contact Lindsey Thomas-Cushman
Staff member Matt Thompson photo
Matt Thompson
Athletic Director
(630) 458-4391 Contact Matt Thompson
Staff member Licel Tornabene photo
Licel Tornabene
(630) 628-3319 Contact Licel Tornabene
Staff member Christina Trapani photo
Christina Trapani
(630) 458-4374 View Christina Trapani schedule Contact Christina Trapani
Staff member Dawn  Tyler photo
Dawn Tyler
Special Education Aide
(630) 628-3300 View Dawn  Tyler schedule Contact Dawn  Tyler
Staff member Ashley Vaca photo
Ashley Vaca
(630) 458-4249 View Ashley Vaca schedule Contact Ashley Vaca
Staff member Michael Valeski photo
Michael Valeski
(630) 458-4163 View Michael Valeski schedule Contact Michael Valeski
Darlene Vargas
(630) 628-3314 Contact Darlene Vargas
Karen Venegas
Department Secretary (Finance Secretary)
(630) 458-4147 Contact Karen  Venegas
Jazmine Ventura
Department Secretary (Attendance Office Secretary)
(630) 458-4147 Contact Jazmine  Ventura
Rebecca Vogt
(630) 458-4516 View Rebecca Vogt schedule Contact Rebecca Vogt
Staff member Michael Warren photo
Michael Warren
Assistant Principal
(630) 628-3306 Contact Michael Warren
Laura Weinbrenner
Speech & Language Pathologist
(630) 530-3681 Contact Laura Weinbrenner
Amy Weltin
(630) 628-4183 View Amy Weltin schedule Contact Amy Weltin
Staff member Theresa Wilson photo
Theresa Wilson
(630) 458-4245 View Theresa Wilson schedule Contact Theresa Wilson
Staff member Sheila Wojcik photo
Sheila Wojcik
(630) 458-4233 View Sheila Wojcik schedule Contact Sheila Wojcik
Staff member Nilay  Woodbury photo
Nilay Woodbury
(630) 458-4537 View Nilay  Woodbury schedule Contact Nilay  Woodbury
Staff member Reggie Wright photo
Reggie Wright
(630) 458-4388 View Reggie Wright schedule Contact Reggie Wright
Josie Mae Zabran
LMC Aide
(630) 628-3368 Contact Josie Mae Zabran
Staff member Laura Zaccaro photo
Laura Zaccaro
Special Education Aide
(630) 628-3300
Staff member Dena Zarou photo
Dena Zarou
(630) 458-4575 View Dena Zarou schedule Contact Dena Zarou
Staff member James Ziebka photo
James Ziebka
(630) 458-4363 View James Ziebka schedule Contact James Ziebka