Physical Education

Department Head: Rob Schader

Addison Trail Physical Education Department

The goals for the Physical Education Department include:

  • Promote and develop an appreciation for living a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Improve and expand on each student's own personal health and fitness
  • Demonstrate and develop positive life skills and personal responsibility
  • Experience and understand a variety of health & fitness-related activities



 PE 9 Muscle Quiz Study Guide

Frosh Quiz


Practice Permit

Soph Quiz

Food Label Quiz





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Staff member Jeannette Becerra photo
Jeannette Becerra
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Staff member Coleen Brechin photo
Coleen Brechin
Department Secretary
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Staff member Sheri D'Ambrose  photo
Sheri D'Ambrose
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Staff member Ryan Dini photo
Ryan Dini
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Joseph Duszynski
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Shannon Giertz
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Stephen Gilliam
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Kallie Haney
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Staff member Mike  Rosengrant photo
Mike Rosengrant
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Staff member Rob Schader photo
Rob Schader
Department Head
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Jennifer Schulmeister
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Staff member Rob Serio photo
Rob Serio
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Tiffany Stone
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