Reading Department

Department Head: Jenna Phillips

Addison Trail Reading Department

Addison Trail offers a comprehensive reading program that helps each student develop his or her literacy skills to the fullest potential. Tier 3 courses focus on prescriptive, intensive skill-building in comprehension, vocabulary and fluency. The Tier 2 program provides strategies and skill development to ensure literacy skills that enable students to successfully perform across all high school content areas. College Literacy Strategies builds on student skills to prepare students for literacy demands in post-high school settings and incorporates an SAT Prep component. In all programs, reading specialists provide engaging, differentiated, student-centered instruction with lessons that are aligned to Common Core Standards. All courses offer assignments and assessments that emphasize critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, and strategies that allow flexibility for different reading purposes.

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Daniela Ariano
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Maria DiNovo
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Angela Etheridge
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Karen Martinez
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Ann Peters
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Jenna Phillips
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James Ziebka
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