Addison Trail Counseling Department to host ‘Plan to Soar Class of 2024’ meetings to prepare seniors for post-high school success

The Addison Trail Counseling Department is committed to helping students achieve their goals and reach success while in high school and beyond.

As part of that focus, the department will host “Plan to Soar Class of 2024” for seniors. This program is a series of meetings, where counselors will discuss the following topics.

  • Common application question-and-answer session: Sept. 26

  • A workshop for students who are the first in their family to attend college: Oct. 3

  • A workshop about college application deadlines (priority deadline and early decision): Oct. 4

  • Completing the college application: Oct. 12 and 13

Seniors can sign up to attend “Plan to Soar Class of 2024” sessions at

For questions or more information, contact the Addison Trail Counseling Department at