Department Head: Amy Ferraro

Addison Trail English Department

The Addison Trail English Department seeks to develop enthusiastic readers, convincing writers, thoughtful listeners and persuasive speakers. By exposing students to a variety of readings and guiding them through an array of written assignments, we hope they leave our courses prepared for success in any post-secondary setting. We offer traditional English courses and a number of elective courses: AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, Introduction to Theatre Arts, Acting I, Acting II, New Humanities Cinema, and Creative Writing and Publications (yearbook and newspaper). Students also are required to take a semester of Introduction to Speech before graduation. Support for student writers is provided through our Writing Center in room 220. 


Summer Reading

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Stephen Bruns
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Robert Budler
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Jessica Clark
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Lily De La Torre
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Amy Ferraro
Department Head
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Laura Grunschel
Department Secretary
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Katie Inzinga
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Anna Louise McSweeney
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Don Miller
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Sabrina Miller
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James Perusich
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Portia Ransom
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Sarah Reynolds
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Claire Shoup
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Patricia Subers
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Hannah Sutton
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Lindsey Thomas-Cushman
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Michael Valeski
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