Board of Education

President: Donna Craft Cain

District 88 Board of Education - Mission and Vision

Educational Mission

To work for the continuous improvement of student achievement.

The 21st-Century Vision for DuPage High School District 88

VISION…The successful vision for District 88 is one of a desired, hopeful future to chart its path of action. It is intended to be a source of pride, to instill the courage to make thoughtful and responsible decisions, and to be a compass for the future.
The 21st-Century Vision for District 88 is one of a learning community that welcomes, excites and challenges. This envisioned future is described by:

Schools that...

  • are safe and modernized promoting a learning environment that is healthy and conducive to optimal learning
  • are structured as engaging and small learning communities that value and embrace diversity and allow for personalized and collaborative learning
  • maximize a variety of learning spaces and arrangements that accommodate and sustain rigorous, creative, and innovative 21st-Century learning
  • form a tightly-connected and highly-interactive Addison Trail-Willowbrook (district-wide) learning community
  • are part of a collaborative network of schools that represent an expanded global learning community

Classrooms that...

  • are inspiring, caring, respectful, and empowering for all students
  • emphasize robust, experiential, personalized and collaborative learning focused on real-world (local and global) issues and challenges
  • have accessible digital tools that are used for the acquisition of 21st Century knowledge and skills

Learning Programs that...

  • rigorously and dynamically integrate core knowledge instruction with 21st-Century literacy skills:
    global awareness, financial, economic, business, entrepreneurial, civic, health, environmental, media and technology
  • maintain high local and global standards and enable students to develop intellectual and life skills through critical thinking and applied learning in all programs of study
  • are interdisciplinary, project-based, career-connected, and linked with elementary, middle level, and higher education programs
  • forge partnerships with business/community sectors, develop mentoring-tutoring relationships, and provide local/global service learning opportunities
  • provide opportunities for diverse learners to thrive in an environment of inclusion and acceptance

Learners who

  • are respectful, self-directed, enthusiastic, positive, and responsible
  • are critical, creative thinkers prepared to use 21st Century learning tools in responsible ways that contribute to the good of our global society
  • are proactive, productive and ethically-appropriate consumers and contributors to the local and global community
  • are engaged, resilient, and view 21st Century change as opportunities for growth and development

Teachers and professionals who...

  • continuously connect existing content, skills, and assessment practices with vigorous intellectual, creative, and forward thinking associated with 21st Century essential educational changes
  • are caring, respectful, and adaptable in meeting the needs of all learners
  • are highly qualified and collaborative team players

School-Community partnerships that...

  • embrace its youth by providing a healthy, safe, and nurturing school-community environment
  • share the responsibility for providing appropriate and inclusive learning and recreational opportunities for youth before/during/after school hours

Goals Supporting the District 88 Vision