Goals Supporting the District 88 Vision

  1. Addison Trail, Willowbrook High Schools and District 88 will develop plans to improve student performance, close the achievement gap and monitor the acquisition of 21st Century knowledge and skills.

  2. Learning programs will focus on high local and global standards, incorporating: critical thinking, applied learning, interdisciplinary curriculum, project-based, career connected, articulated programs and digital learning.

  3. Provide time and resources for on-going professional growth and development programs that focus on learning standards, diverse learners, assessment and data practices, instructional strategies and social-emotional learning.

  4. Create school-community partnerships that embrace youth, learning and activity before/during/after school hours.

Success Indicators Supporting the District 88 Vision

  • Reading Achievement
  • Math Achievement
  • Behavior Incidents
  • Extra Curricular Participation
  • Graduation Rate
  • Advanced Placement Enrollment and Test Performance
  • Compliance with state and federal regulation

Note: Performance data to be monitored and analyzed by targeted subgroups associated with closing the achievement gap.

November 2010