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Department Head: Dr. Portia Ransom

Willowbrook English Department

Vision Statement:

The Warriors English Department includes passionate, professional, caring, and accomplished educators who understand and appreciate the power of literature, language, and learning as conveyors of knowledge, transformative experiences, and personal growth. We strive to help students grow as critical thinkers, effective communicators, and imaginative writers who gain a better understanding of the extent to which words and language empower individuals and entire communities. 

As knowledgeable and insightful educators, mentors, and advocates, WB English teachers provide opportunities and spaces to engage and participate  in meaningful conversations and collaborations across differences. In our curriculum, you will find various methods for exploring, understanding, problem solving, and actions that will speak to and address the needs of a diverse student body. You will also appreciate our efforts to expand the traditional literary canon with additional resources and experiences that celebrate different cultures, create spaces for students’ voices, and empower them to explore more fully a global community and discover how they can make a difference for themselves and those around them. 


* Students also can join the Writing Center Google Classroom with the Spring 2020 classroom code gsses6q

Summer reading information (also see attached documents at the bottom of the page):

English 9 Honors summer letter

English 10 Honors summer letter

AP English Language and Composition summer letter

AP English Literature and Composition summer letter

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Leslie Allenspach
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Daniel Bannon
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Brett Blair
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Christine Calandra
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Daniel Fliegel
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Scott Grobstein
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Tara Murphy
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Amy Peschke
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Dr. Portia Ransom
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Brian Shanahan
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Michael Sullivan
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Regina Wathier
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James White
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