Principal: Dr. Daniel Krause

Willowbrook Administration

Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Isela Aquino photo
Isela Aquino
Executive Assistant to Principal
(630) 530-3439 Contact Isela Aquino
Staff member Erica Craig photo
Erica Craig
Director of Biliteracy and district-level PPS matters (homeless, ALOP, grants, district-level student matters)
(630) 458-4542 Contact Erica Craig
Erika Delgado
Financial Secretary
(630) 530-3445 Contact Erika Delgado
Staff member Dr. Jamie Gourley photo
Dr. Jamie Gourley
Assistant Principal
(630) 530-3444 Contact Dr. Jamie Gourley
Staff member Marcia Ivancevic photo
Marcia Ivancevic
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal
(630) 530-3444 Contact Marcia Ivancevic
Staff member Dr. Daniel Krause photo
Dr. Daniel Krause
(630) 530-3439 Contact Dr. Daniel Krause
Staff member Brandon Murphy photo
Brandon Murphy
Athletic Director
(630) 530-3426 Contact Brandon Murphy
Staff member Maria Oplawski photo
Maria Oplawski
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal
(630) 530-3441 Contact Maria Oplawski
Angela Ruiz
Student Accounting
(630) 530-3986 Contact Angela Ruiz
Staff member Curtis Tate photo
Curtis Tate
Assistant Principal
(630) 530-3441 Contact Curtis Tate
Staff member Alma Villegas photo
Alma Villegas
Athletic Secretary
(630) 782-3144 Contact Alma Villegas