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Addison Trail Health Department

The Addison Trail Health Education Department strives to develop a comprehensive approach to health and fitness. Our goals are to motivate and inspire teens to stay safe and healthy, reduce health risks through prevention and intervention and to practice high levels of wellness. In our classroom, we teach information that is age appropriate and accurate and use real-life situations to help students apply what they learn in class toward practicing healthy behaviors for a lifetime. We cover the information during the course of a semester. The seven units we cover are:

Unit 1: Physical Health - Wellness and a Healthy Foundation
Unit 2: Physical Fitness and Nutrition
Unit 3: Mental and Emotional Health
Unit 4: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
Unit 5: Human Sexuality - Healthy and Safe Relationships, as well as Growth and Development
Unit 6: Personal Care and Body Systems
Unit 7: Safety and Environmental Health


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