Department Head: John Fouser

Department Phone: (630) 458-4562

Addison Trail Science Department

The mission of the Science Department is to educate and develop informed and contributing members of society by creating systematic and logical problem solvers, who can evaluate scientific information and literature to make informed decisions.


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Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Kira  Bonk photo
Kira Bonk
(630) 458-4560 View Kira  Bonk schedule Contact Kira  Bonk
Kristian Coerper
(630) 458-4193 View Kristian Coerper schedule Contact Kristian Coerper
Staff member Carolyn Erwin photo
Carolyn Erwin
(630) 458-4564 View Carolyn Erwin schedule Contact Carolyn Erwin
Staff member Daniel Fernandez photo
Daniel Fernandez
(630) 458-4576 View Daniel Fernandez schedule Contact Daniel Fernandez
John Fouser
Department Head
(630) 782-3071 View John Fouser schedule Contact John Fouser
Jorge Galvan
(630) 458-4573 View Jorge Galvan schedule Contact Jorge Galvan
Staff member Laura  Garcia photo
Laura Garcia
(630) 782-3008 View Laura  Garcia schedule Contact Laura  Garcia
Staff member Shannon Garcia photo
Shannon Garcia
(630) 458-4566 View Shannon Garcia schedule Contact Shannon Garcia
Staff member Andrea Grossart photo
Andrea Grossart
(630) 458-4177 View Andrea Grossart schedule Contact Andrea Grossart
Staff member Dr. Erin Groth photo
Dr. Erin Groth
Department Head
(630) 458-4562 View Dr. Erin Groth schedule Contact Dr. Erin Groth
Kelly Hickey
Department Secretary
(630) 458-4246 View Kelly Hickey schedule Contact Kelly Hickey
Staff member Aaron Jackson photo
Aaron Jackson
(630) 628-3346 View Aaron Jackson schedule Contact Aaron Jackson
Staff member Matt  Lindgren photo
Matt Lindgren
(630) 458-4561 View Matt  Lindgren schedule Contact Matt  Lindgren
Staff member Theresa Marzullo photo
Theresa Marzullo
(630) 628-3346 View Theresa Marzullo schedule Contact Theresa Marzullo
Staff member Steve Nelson photo
Steve Nelson
(630) 628-3346 View Steve Nelson schedule Contact Steve Nelson
Staff member Nicholas Pingel photo
Nicholas Pingel
(630) 458-4565 View Nicholas Pingel schedule Contact Nicholas Pingel
Staff member Brankica Pulia photo
Brankica Pulia
(630) 782-3065 View Brankica Pulia schedule Contact Brankica Pulia
Staff member Aileen Sullivan photo
Aileen Sullivan
(630) 458-4571 View Aileen Sullivan schedule Contact Aileen Sullivan
Staff member Dena Zarou photo
Dena Zarou
(630) 458-4575 View Dena Zarou schedule Contact Dena Zarou