Addison Trail hosts vocational signing day for students who plan to pursue careers in the skilled trades and education field

On May 7, Addison Trail participated in the SkillsUSA National Signing Day. That event celebrates high school seniors who have chosen to pursue a career as a professional in any of the skilled trades. The goal is to help close the skills gap and raise awareness of options available in the skilled trades. For more information, go to

The school also recognized students in the Education Teacher Preparation Program, who plan to work in the education field.

During the ceremony, 17 seniors were honored as they signed letters of intent, in a style similar to National Signing Days for student-athletes. They were celebrated among school administrators, teachers, family members, friends and representatives from their future career paths.

District 88 is committed to providing multiple and flexible pathways for students to ensure they are college and career ready and continues to partner with colleges/universities, organizations and local businesses to enhance these options and meet students’ diverse and individual needs. This work is critical to help with the labor shortage and to connect students to hands-on, immersive experiences, as well as certifications, credentials and scholarships.

One of the district’s top priorities is to remove barriers for all students to help them access employment and build positive futures. The focus is to connect them with viable short-term and long-term career options and work-based learning that can provide a supported pathway through their college pursuits. For more information, go to