Addison Trail hosts annual Mr. AT event

On April 12, 10 senior boys competed in Addison Trail’s annual Mr. AT event.

Contestants participated in a group dance, performed a talent, demonstrated their Blazer Pride, escorted a parent/guardian in a formalwear portion and competed in a question-and-answer section. This year’s theme was a mystery “whodunit,” as each student was a “suspect” in the case of Addison Trail’s missing mascot, Bucky the Blazer.

To watch the event, click on the video above.

Below are the results of Mr. AT 2024

Mr. AT: Ryan Fuelts

Mr. Best Dressed: Ravi Patel

Mr. Studious: Nour Albanna

Mr. Luscious Locks: David Lazzara

Mr. Prince Charming: Sebastian Ultreras

Mr. Groovy: Valentino Smith

Mr. Life of the Party: Zachary Morris

Mr. Good-Looking: Jed Almendralejo

Mr. Comedian: Freddy Ramirez Carbajal

Mr. Muscles: Marco Crudele

The hosts for the evening were seniors Ella Anello, Mekalah Haywood, Suzette Mancilla and Abigail Proske.