Warrior Wellness: An inside look at Willowbrook’s Dance and Aerobic Activities classes

Willowbrook students are working hard every day to become more educated with their health and wellness, and we are thrilled to feature those accomplishments through this monthly column.

In this edition of Warrior Wellness, Willowbrook is proud to showcase its Dance and Aerobic Activities classes.

Students started off the year with traditional fitness testing, setting goals and making plans to improve their overall fitness. After fitness testing, they began the Zumba unit, in which they learned about the history of Zumba and a variety of Zumba styles. The unit concluded with small groups of students leading their own Zumba workouts for the class.  

Throughout the semester, we also have incorporated fitness center workouts and walking. We have been lucky to enjoy lots of great weather this year, and we even got in one last walk in November!  

In mid-November, physical education teacher Megan Murphy went on maternity leave, and we welcomed teacher Alexandra Watson, who is doing a great job!  

After the Zumba unit, we completed post-fitness tests, and some students and staff members competed in the schoolwide volleyball tournament! We will conclude the semester with “Just Dance” workouts and other dance-fitness workouts and aerobic activities. We are continuing to work out in the fitness center once a week, as well as incorporate yoga and walking when we are able.

In the classroom, we have been discussing nutritional choices and ways to incorporate healthy, lifelong habits to improve and maintain our wellness. It has been a busy semester with a great group of students!  

  • The Warrior Wellness column provides an inside look into the physical education, health and driver education classes at Willowbrook. This monthly feature highlights what students are working on in class, as well as student successes in those departments.