District 88 Business Office

Business Office Hours:
7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)

Business Office Services:

Accounting (630) 530-6481
Accounts Payable (630) 530-6482
Buildings & Grounds (630) 530-6485
Insurance (630) 530-3972
Payroll (630) 530-3974
Transportation (630) 530-3972
Workmen's Compensation (630) 530-6485
Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Ryan  Domeracki photo
Ryan Domeracki
Assistant Chief Financial Officer
(630) 530-3972 Contact Ryan  Domeracki
Staff member Neenah Federick photo
Neenah Federick
Excecutive Asst.- Chief Financial Officer
(630) 530-3970 Contact Neenah Federick
Staff member Elizabeth  Guerra photo
Elizabeth Guerra
Administrative Asst.- Business Office/Insurance
(630) 530-3972 Contact Elizabeth  Guerra
Staff member Ed Hoster photo
Ed Hoster
Chief Financial Officer
(630) 530-3970 Contact Ed Hoster
Staff member Sandra Krause photo
Sandra Krause
Payroll Specialist
(630) 530-3976 Contact Sandra Krause
Staff member Tom Manka photo
Tom Manka
Director of Buildings and Grounds / Addison Trail Building Foreman
(630) 530-3996 Contact Tom Manka
Staff member Janelle McHugh photo
Janelle McHugh
(630) 530-6481 Contact Janelle McHugh
Staff member Debra Muhlena photo
Debra Muhlena
Administrative Asst.- Buildings and Grounds
(630) 530-6485 Contact Debra Muhlena
Staff member Julie Neumann photo
Julie Neumann
Accounts Payable Specialist
(630) 530-6482 Contact Julie Neumann