District Office Administration

Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Dr. Jean Barbanente photo
Dr. Jean Barbanente
(630) 530-3980 Contact Dr. Jean Barbanente
Staff member Michael Bolden photo
Michael Bolden
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources/FOIA Officer
(630) 530-3985 Contact Michael Bolden
Staff member Dani (Danielle) Brink photo
Dani (Danielle) Brink
Director of Community Relations
(630) 530-3989 Contact Dani (Danielle) Brink
Staff member Erica Craig photo
Erica Craig
Director of Biliteracy and district-level PPS matters (homeless, ALOP, grants, district-level student matters)
(630) 458-4542 Contact Erica Craig
Olga Davis
Director of Business Services
(630) 530-3975 Contact Olga  Davis
Staff member Ryan  Domeracki photo
Ryan Domeracki
Assistant Chief Financial Officer
(630) 530-3972 Contact Ryan  Domeracki
Staff member Alena Edwards photo
Alena Edwards
Director of Student Services
(630) 530-6079 Contact Alena Edwards
Staff member Ed Hoster photo
Ed Hoster
Chief Financial Officer
(630) 530-3970 Contact Ed Hoster
Staff member Dr. Aaron Lenaghan photo
Dr. Aaron Lenaghan
Director of Technology, Teaching and Learning
(630) 782-3133 Contact Dr. Aaron Lenaghan
Staff member Tom Manka photo
Tom Manka
Director of Buildings and Grounds / Addison Trail Building Foreman
(630) 530-3996 Contact Tom Manka
Staff member Millie Martinez photo
Millie Martinez
District 88 Office Secretary
(630) 530-3981 Contact Millie Martinez
Staff member Veronica Noyola photo
Veronica Noyola
Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
(630) 530-3982 Contact Veronica Noyola
Liliana Ortiz
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services
(630) 530-6079 Contact Liliana  Ortiz
Staff member Cindy Petrbok photo
Cindy Petrbok
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
(630) 530-3980 Contact Cindy Petrbok
Staff member Yvonne Tsagalis photo
Yvonne Tsagalis
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
(630) 530-3993 Contact Yvonne Tsagalis