Director: Dr. Aaron Lenaghan

District 88 Technology Department


Our department has a continual focus on the integration of software and digital instructional tools for learning via:

Resource access for academic supports/enrichments
Specialized hardware needs



To ensure all students have access to the internet, free mobile wifi hotspots will be provided to students who either do not have internet service at home or do not have wifi adequate to complete their schoolwork.

Should a student need access to a wifi hotspot, please contact your school’s technology help desk (see the contact information below).



Any technology issues with student Chromebooks will be taken care of by the school’s technology department. Please call or email our technology department to resolve any technical concerns and access issues.


Name Phone Schedule Contact
Nick Beausoleil
Technology Staff (WB)
(630) 782-3003 Contact Nick Beausoleil
Earl Buckley
Technology Staff (WB)
(630) 782-3119 Contact Earl Buckley
Mark Garlitz
Technology Staff (AT)
(630) 458-4597 Contact Mark Garlitz
Brian Hoehn
Technology Staff (WB)
(630) 782-3121 Contact Brian Hoehn
Charles Hoehn
Technology Staff (WB)
(630) 458-4598 Contact Charles Hoehn
Alex Holod
Technology Staff (AT)
(630) 458-4200 Contact Alex Holod
Lynda Jrab
Technology Staff (AT)
(630) 458-4594 Contact Lynda Jrab
Gregory Karis
Technology Staff (AT)
(630) 628-4596 Contact Gregory Karis
Staff member Teresa Kikos photo
Teresa Kikos
School Improvement Assistant
(630) 530-3969 Contact Teresa Kikos
Staff member Shu Lam photo
Shu Lam
Data Management Specialist
(630) 782-3128 Contact Shu Lam
Staff member Dr. Aaron Lenaghan photo
Dr. Aaron Lenaghan
Director of Technology, Teaching and Learning
(630) 782-3133 Contact Dr. Aaron Lenaghan
Staff member Charles Syperski photo
Charles Syperski
Directory of Software Engineer and Operations
(630) 530-3978 Contact Charles Syperski
Staff member Jian Zhang photo
Jian Zhang
Network Administrator
(630) 530-3979 Contact Jian Zhang