District Office Staff Directory

The following directory listing shows staff members at the District Office. Click on a staff member's name for more information.

Name Phone Schedule Contact
Staff member Dr. Jean Barbanente photo
Dr. Jean Barbanente
(630) 530-3980 Contact Dr. Jean Barbanente
Staff member Marla  Biesiada photo
Marla Biesiada
District 88 Transition
Contact Marla  Biesiada
Staff member Michael Bolden photo
Michael Bolden
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources/FOIA Officer
(630) 530-3985 Contact Michael Bolden
Staff member Dani (Danielle) Brink photo
Dani (Danielle) Brink
Director of Community Relations
(630) 530-3989 Contact Dani (Danielle) Brink
Staff member Candy Calderon photo
Candy Calderon
(630) 782-3115 Contact Candy Calderon
Staff member Mike  Carlson photo
Mike Carlson
District 88 Transition Program
Contact Mike  Carlson
Staff member Erica Craig photo
Erica Craig
Director of Biliteracy and district-level PPS matters (homeless, ALOP, grants, district-level student matters)
(630) 458-4542 Contact Erica Craig
Olga Davis
Director of Business Services
(630) 530-3975 Contact Olga  Davis
Staff member Ryan  Domeracki photo
Ryan Domeracki
Assistant Chief Financial Officer
(630) 530-3972 Contact Ryan  Domeracki
Staff member Ann Eakley photo
Ann Eakley
District 88 Transition Program
(630) 782-3112 Contact Ann Eakley
Staff member Alena Edwards photo
Alena Edwards
Director of Student Services
(630) 530-6079 Contact Alena Edwards
Staff member Neenah Federick photo
Neenah Federick
Excecutive Asst.- Chief Financial Officer
(630) 530-3970 Contact Neenah Federick
Staff member Christopher Grice photo
Christopher Grice
IEP Coordinator
(630) 530-3994 Contact Christopher Grice
Staff member Elizabeth  Guerra photo
Elizabeth Guerra
Administrative Asst.- Business Office/Insurance
(630) 530-3972 Contact Elizabeth  Guerra
Staff member Devon  Harris photo
Devon Harris
Transition Program Department Head
(630) 458-4512 Contact Devon  Harris
Staff member Ed Hoster photo
Ed Hoster
Chief Financial Officer
(630) 530-3970 Contact Ed Hoster
Staff member Teresa Kikos photo
Teresa Kikos
School Improvement Assistant
(630) 530-3969 Contact Teresa Kikos
Staff member Sandra Krause photo
Sandra Krause
Payroll Specialist
(630) 530-3976 Contact Sandra Krause
Staff member Lori  LaBarbera photo
Lori LaBarbera
District 88 Transition
Contact Lori  LaBarbera
Staff member Shu Lam photo
Shu Lam
Data Management Specialist
(630) 782-3128 Contact Shu Lam
Staff member Dr. Aaron Lenaghan photo
Dr. Aaron Lenaghan
Director of Technology, Teaching and Learning
(630) 782-3133 Contact Dr. Aaron Lenaghan
Staff member Emina Ljubijankic photo
Emina Ljubijankic
(630) 458-4248 View Emina Ljubijankic schedule Contact Emina Ljubijankic
Staff member Tom Manka photo
Tom Manka
Director of Buildings and Grounds / Addison Trail Building Foreman
(630) 530-3996 Contact Tom Manka
Staff member Millie Martinez photo
Millie Martinez
District 88 Office Secretary
(630) 530-3981 Contact Millie Martinez
Staff member Janelle McHugh photo
Janelle McHugh
(630) 530-6481 Contact Janelle McHugh
Staff member Anila  Meleqi photo
Anila Meleqi
District 88 Transition Program
Contact Anila  Meleqi
Staff member Debra Muhlena photo
Debra Muhlena
Administrative Asst.- Buildings and Grounds
(630) 530-6485 Contact Debra Muhlena
Staff member Julie Neumann photo
Julie Neumann
Accounts Payable Specialist
(630) 530-6482 Contact Julie Neumann
Staff member Stephanie  Nitka  photo
Stephanie Nitka
District 88 Transition Program
(630) 782-3110 Contact Stephanie  Nitka
Staff member Veronica Noyola photo
Veronica Noyola
Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
(630) 530-3982 Contact Veronica Noyola
Liliana Ortiz
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services
(630) 530-6079 Contact Liliana  Ortiz
Staff member Christine Palumbo photo
Christine Palumbo
(630) 628-3354 Contact Christine Palumbo
Staff member Christopher Perkins photo
Christopher Perkins
District 88 Transition Program
(630) 782-3104 View Christopher Perkins schedule Contact Christopher Perkins
Staff member Cindy Petrbok photo
Cindy Petrbok
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
(630) 530-3980 Contact Cindy Petrbok
Staff member Allena  Simon photo
Allena Simon
District 88 Transition Program
Contact Allena  Simon
Staff member Charles Syperski photo
Charles Syperski
Software Engineer
(630) 530-3978 Contact Charles Syperski
Staff member Yvonne Tsagalis photo
Yvonne Tsagalis
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
(630) 530-3993 Contact Yvonne Tsagalis
Staff member Julie  Tyszkiewicz photo
Julie Tyszkiewicz
District 88 Transition Program
Contact Julie  Tyszkiewicz
Staff member Patricia  Vrankin photo
Patricia Vrankin
District 88 Transition Program
Contact Patricia  Vrankin
Staff member Lionel  Williams photo
Lionel Williams
District 88 Transition Program
Contact Lionel  Williams
Staff member Jian Zhang photo
Jian Zhang
Network Administrator
(630) 530-3979 Contact Jian Zhang