Human Resources

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources: Michael Bolden

Human Resources - Application FAQ

What qualifications are necessary to teach in DuPage High School District 88?
Every teacher must hold at least a bachelor’s degree or higher and be able to qualify for an Illinois
Professional Educator License in the field of specialization.

What do I have to do to get an Illinois Professional Educator License?
If you wish further information about teacher licensing requirements, you may contact a local
four-year college that offers a program leading towards teacher licensing or write or call the
Illinois State Board of Education.

What do you look for when hiring teachers?
As we consider applicants for teaching positions, we observed enthusiasm, communication skills,
voice, self-esteem, energy level, positive attitude and flexibility, along with demonstrated
academic competence in their areas of preparation. Your evaluation as an applicant will be drawn
from both subjective and objective observations; much of the subjective evaluation will come
from the personal interview and references, and objective evaluations will be drawn from your
application form and transcripts.

When does DuPage High School District 88 begin hiring?
The Office of Human Resources begins sending candidates to District 88 schools for interviews
for vacant positions in late March. All candidates must have a complete application on file in
order to be referred.

The following time frame is offered as a sample to help candidates during the process:

January through March:

  • District 88 begins staffing decisions
  • Candidates encouraged to submit applications
  • Ongoing recruiting at Job Fairs

April through early August:

  • Candidates encouraged to submit applications
  • Ongoing interviews conducted
  • New candidates are placed in vacancies

How do I apply for a teaching position?
Please create an account on our online database system. View the current vacancies and complete
the online application. Finally, upload your materials to the online database system.

Is it important to call or stop by the Human Resources Office so I am not forgotten?
It is important that the information on your application such as address, phone number, degree,
experience, etc., remain current. As changes in this information occur, it is your responsibility to
update your account on our online database system. However, it is not necessary to stay in
contact with the Human Resources Office so you are not forgotten.