Addison Trail and Willowbrook face off for a cause during District 88’s annual Go Pink volleyball match

Photos by Addison Trail parent Donna Anello and Addison Trail junior Emily Bieberstein (click on each image for photo credit)

By: Addison Trail junior Angela Power

To kick off District 88’s 13th annual Go Pink or Go Home initiative, which raises money for breast cancer awareness and research, the Addison Trail and Willowbrook girls volleyball teams went head to head for a great cause during District 88’s annual Go Pink match on Sept. 7 at Addison Trail.

With the combined efforts of Baton and Flags, Blazettes, Cheerleaders, L.A.D.I.E.S., Orchesis and girls volleyball teams, the event raised $945.50 for the Nancy W. Knowles Cancer Center and the 5th Annual Go Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Scholarship - In Memory of Elizabeth Clifford (Addison Trail special education teacher).

The volleyball players spent time decorating Addison Trail’s main gym and making posters. The team also put together gift baskets that were raffled off during the game, many of which were comprised of items donated by local businesses. There also was a bake sale with treats such as cookies and Rice Krispies.

Before the game,19 breast cancer survivors were recognized by the Blazers and the Warriors. Addison Trail fell to Willowbrook in both sets, 25-8 and 25-12. Even though the team lost, some highlights include that the Blazers served 90.5 percent in and had 28 digs. Sophomore Stephanie Petrbok passed a 2.44, and senior Juliana Nasti dug nine balls. The team is led by seniors Sam Bartosik and Diana Villegas-Hernandez.

“The Blazer volleyball program is working very hard every day in practice to improve our skills and teamwork, maintaining a competitive atmosphere,” said Katie Inzinga, Addison Trail Girls Volleyball Team head coach. “We love our energetic fan section at games and encourage the Blazer Nation to continue to come to support our teams!”